Monday, April 12, 2010

Firepit - April weather is getting chilly.

Image - Ideal home Magazine

Now that the nights are getting chillier and the nights drawing in earlier it's time to light the little fire pit.
Our family loves to poke around the flames. Part of the attraction is just all of us being together.
We have been wondering what to do with ours, very similar to this one but made of stainless steel instead of the tiles. I kind of like how this one is sunk into the decking. At this we don't have any decking. But, we do have plenty of lovely red brick paving. I'll think on it for a bit and see what we can come up with.

The Moerks


  1. Thanks so much for coming over to my blog! I appreciate it. I have saved you and will be back to read lots :) Can't wait to follow your travels on your little adventure. Sounds awesome!

    Katrina x

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting me, I'm most intrigued by this major family trip you're planning, vacation? running from the law? looking for the ultimate wave? I'll be back to find out more.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do.. there's nothing like an open fire.Rxx

  4. Oh lucky you with the chilly weather! Still stinking hot up here... still have our air conditioning on... it's so humid. C'mon give us an Autumn up here! Love the idea of an open fire! A-M xx

  5. Love the fire pit idea! We are enjoying our chiminea - great meal of spaghetti jaffles for the children tonight and lots of safety lectures!! Perhaps keeping it portable might be your best option. I'll note any good ideas I find when making my 'new house' files.
    From The Lurker!!!


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