Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick and easy burlap wreath tutorial.

Hi there, this post comes with a WARNING.
Burlap is extremely messy.

If you have just cleaned and swept, you may want to think twice before embarking on this adventure.

Before I begin, I have to mention the ruffled wire star.
This is a remake of last years hessian heart.
See here for the tutorial.
I just asked Mr M to bend  some wire into a star shape and threaded on last years ruffles.
Easy peasy!

To make the covering for the wreath.

I cut strips of burlap (or hessian as we call it here in Australia)
into 3 different widths.

I fringed the edges a bit by pulling out some threads.
This is where it got very messy and I ended up putting on an apron.

Join the ends of each width into long strips.
I just used two widths of the fabric for each size strip.
Piled them one on top of the other, with the narrowest layer on top.

And zoomed down the middle with the sewing machine.

I fluffed them out a bit.

Then as I wound them on to the wreath I kept twisting the fabric so the ends stood out.

I then wound some battery operated lights around the wreath and
here it is.

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  1. Love it. Did you hide the battery compartment behind the wreath?

  2. Hi Kylie, I stood it behind the wreath and tied it on with a bit of loose burlap thread.

  3. I admire your creativity Deb and patience. Once upon a time I had craft patience but it's kind of disappeared.
    Love the wreath and star combo.

  4. Love it clever thing...thanks for the warning ;) Your goodies are on there way..XOX

  5. Wow , love it!! what a great tutorial too; it has turned out amazing. Isnt it a shame how messy burlap is?!! Its the worst!
    hope you are well and good!!
    Laura xxx

  6. Deb- I adore it!!!

    And yes it is super messy!!!

    I'm so sad to put mine in the removal crates next week...but I will love seeing it on the beaches of Sydney in 3 MONTHS!!!! We arrive on the 21 Dec and all our *bits* arrive March......!

    And love the twisted lights on yours- hadn't thought of a star- maybe I could pack the fabric made and ready in my suitcase and STAR it in Syd!!

    Melissa {Miss Sew & So}

  7. Go Deb, it looks fantastic. Do I sense an etsy shop in the new year??? ;-)

  8. I love the final result but this one is a big bite for me :) I play violin better than using sewing machine. Very nice tutorial, though

  9. Deb, it looks FABULOUS!! I love the lights wound through it and your little clay star is divine! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ x

  10. Oh great job Deb!! And fantastic tutorial and pics!!
    I've noticed a couple of houses in my street with wreaths on their doors and I've thought to myself 'must make a wreath for the front door.' Yeah, that's as far as I've got...thinking about it!
    So that's what you got at spotlight, huh?!

  11. Hi Courts, I didn't get that at spotlight. It was already up in the attic. I did buy some other stuff at spotlight. Stay tuned ;)

  12. Gorgeous!!! I wonder if i can fit in some messy crafting and a tad of sewing before moving and Christmas....

  13. Oh wow! You have outdone yourself! Your star looks amazing and that wreath with the lights is brilliant! I always get sneezy when I sew hessian but always feel it is worth it! I am very inspired to give this project a go! I love it! X

  14. ohhh lovely :) very clever you - le xox

  15. Adorable use of burlap :)

    Via: Freckled Laundry linky party,
    Suzanne in chilly NW Illinois

  16. You are so clever Deb, I love your wreath and I love the idea of adding the lights. xx


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