I've been mentioned here

I know I do get a bit carried away. But when my crochet bag was mentioned with a photo on the freckledlaundry blog I admit. I squealed!

This bag made by Deb at Let's Go Moerkabout
just brought a smile to my face.
Isn't it a happy lil' bag?
Again, another reason for me to learn to knit or crochet.
 Click on the above link for the full post, If you are interested.

And once again by the freckled laundry.

crocheted a precious star garland.

How very exciting!

And again, by the lovely Jami.
Click here for the link to the full post.

Still haven't learned to knit or crochet in all of my spare time,
but if I could, I'd make these sweet hangers
 Aren't they beautiful?
I want one with little ribbons hanging down 
to hang Edyn's hair bows from.
(You know. The 50 hair bows that she refuses to keep in her hair. Yeah. Those ones.)
 Precious details.

I still get such a buzz seeing my stuff on other blogs.
And when it is mentioned by A-M, my blog idol, well I have to brag.

Here is the picture

read the full post here.