Wednesday, October 27, 2010

String ball tutorial.

The easiest little balls to make.

Just blow up some balloons. Make sure they are the round ones.

Spray on a little oil to stop the string sticking too much.

Then choose your favourite string or twine.

Wind some off the ball and soak it in some wallpaper paste. 
You may need to wear gloves.
I actually used celmix which is similar to wall paper paste, it's a non toxic children's paste used in kindergarten.

Tie your string to the knot on the balloon to secure it.

Wind away.

Wind as much or as little string as you like.
The more string, the more dense the ball will be.
Don't worry if you run out of string. I didn't bother joining more I just started with a fresh string and it glued itself in place.

Leave to dry.
This is the hard part. I am very impatient and ended up putting them by the fire to dry faster.

When the string is dry. Cut the knot to free the string. Poke them with a sharp implement to pop the balloon and pull it out.

Pop them in a bowl and admire!

If you do have a go, I would love to hear how you got on.

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  1. Such a simple project and yet so effective. They look great. Thanks for the tutorial. P.S I have the same frame with the keep calm and carry on. Is yours a tea towel too? ;-)

  2. I've been thinking and wondering how you did thisn since your teaser post! Was I anywhere near right in my guess?!

    I'm going to have a go....

    I think I could do it with my children.

    Now....where to get round balloons...

  3. How clever and crafty. They look great! x

  4. ahh.. string!!! I love the stuff!! and you have turned it into a wok of art!! I may have to try this one!! clever girl!

    Thanks for lovely comments.. and yes it is the same red shoe seagulls.. i actually have more shots but thought I wouldn't bombard everyone in one hit!! hahahaha

    have a great day.. xxx Julie

  5. Thanks, Deb - just brilliant. We'll try it with the pixies. Er, yes, I wasn't aware that you could buy round balloons. Where do you find them? Oh, and I love the prettiness of the top photo. J x

  6. Thanks Deb I will definately be trying this one they look fantastic. Kym X

  7. What a fabulous tutorial Deb:) I LOVE these and once my exam is over, I hope to give them a go!! Can't wait to see what your next crafty creation will be:) Thanks for sharing! ~ Tina xx

  8. Thanks for sharing your tutorial Deb, I love them and I will defintely give them a go. I must remember to get some paste next time I am at Bunnings. xx

  9. What a great project idea! I love this look and see it in the shops sold for silly amounts. Good to know it's easily achievable to make at home for next to nothing!! :-)

  10. Oh! so thats how you do it! My sister and I tried to make these a while back, I guess we should have done our homework and researched. We used just regular paint, hope it would dry hard, but when we popped the balloon the string didn't hold it's shape very well. Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a great idea! I bet the best part is popping the balloon!
    Pam x

  12. What a great little project - thanks so much for sharing - I wouldn't have had a clue how to make these myself!

  13. I love those - they look like the wicker balls that everyone has out now. I especially love that you used a couple of colours of string. Definitely a project I'll have to remember.

  14. These look super easy and fun. I love how they turned out.

    I came over from the White Party at 504 Main.


  15. This has always been one of my favorite crafts. You string balls look fabulous...I love them. Thanks for linking up!
    504 Main

  16. I absolutely LOVE this! I'm a new follower - can't wait to see more!!

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