Friday, October 29, 2010

I got lucky in Aldi!

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Sarah's got a shabby one,

A-M had them in her pool house.

Belinda wanted some

Now, this week.
Have some


So do I
The embarrassing thing is. I got them home opened the box and took one look.
And waited until Big boy got home from school.

I think I will be spending a fair bit of time in them.


  1. They're great looking chairs. Lyn wants to build some from scratch. Not sure when that might happen but not holding my breath!!
    Have a great Friday!

  2. Who knew you'd pick up some Adirondacks at Aldi! Years ago I missed out on 6 at a second hand shop - pipped at the post by literally less than a minute. Not happy Jan. Might need to visit Aldi to ease the pain! K xx

  3. I have had my eye on some in Big W with Jamie Durie's range, these are even cheaper but they look like they have a straight back, are they comfy???
    Might have to pop in and have a look. Thanks for sharing

  4. So many places to sit and relax! I'll have a seat in the first image, please, lol.

    I would like to invite you to join my **Interactive Halloween Party**, come, come, I promise I won't bite, I'm not a vampire... or am I ...? eery music....

  5. Aldi? Wow, now and then they have some great items at even better prices. I hope you enjoy them and I might have to check them out! ;-)

  6. They are fabulous Deb. Now, I wonder if there are any left at my local. Best get in the shower, get dressed and investigate!

  7. I really love the cushions on the chairs. Lovely colours.

    If it's the same Aldi that we have in the UK,I'm guessing they were a bargain so well done! If not, then well done anyway because they're GORGEOUS!

  8. Oh secret squirrel so did I!!! Lined up at 8am! My last ones were sold with the house... so I had to get some. Life is just not the same without Adirondacks. Super bargain. Yours look FABULOUS in your garden. Love the cushions... and the wine! A-M xx
    PS. Stick insect still alive but there have been tears as he thinks it has a broken leg... and possibly an arm. Give me strength.

  9. Get out of town!!!! Aldi - who would have thought.

  10. What a find, you know they look best with a glass of red on the arm.
    I sat in a few of these on my blacony overseas, they were mission brown and didn't have nearly the same appeal as these stunning white ones.
    I guess your reading this comment sitting on them right now.....
    Have a great weekend. K

  11. Too funny, Deb! Love them. If only we had Aldi in Hobart...J x

  12. Love these....I have a few oldies...would love to get some new ones...and paint them turquois. xoxoxo

    Happy weekend...

  13. These images go to prove how gorgeous these chairs look in any setting and any age. So what if you had to wait for big boy to help put them together. That's what big boys are sometimes for! Now enjoy that book and glass of wine.

  14. They're great, what a bargain! They look gorgeous in your garden..I love your string balls too..Rachaelxx

  15. Wow Deb they look fantastic...did you have to bash your way through the crowd...I was having visions of a stampede... Just love those cushions ...such great taste. Kym X

  16. I will have to see if I can lucky at Aldi tommorow too (lucky for chairs that is)
    Teach me not to read the Aldi catalogue !!!
    Karen x

  17. Oooh! I love these chairs! Yay you for getting some! Enjoy xox

  18. Love them!! They look perfect with those cute cushions on them, especially with the glass of wine and book carefully balanced on there. Enjoy relaxing on your new purchases x

  19. Thankyou so much for this post. I can't believe how lucky I am. Of course they were long gone from my local Aldi by the time I had read your post but I passed another Aldi on the way home from a clients today and, SCORE!, picked up a couple for myself. I am so happy. I have been wanting some of these for the longest time. I am glad to have found your blog too! I am soooo entering your giveaway. That cushion is awesome! take care, Stephie x


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