Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hessian Obsession leads to Burlap heart card wreath tutorial.

I have been thinking about all of those Christmas cards that will soon be flooding in.
With 3 Primary School age children, we always have a plethora.
So I combined my current obsession with Hessian
(pardon the rhyme)
with wire. 

The teacher part of me loves a tutorial
So, if you are in for the ride, 
I would suggest a cuppa,
this could be a long one!

If you want to have a go at making one. It is so simple and will just take a few minutes.

Firstly bend some wire into a heart or whatever shape you like.

I chose to make two for some extra hanging room.

Make a hook and eye type arrangement at the bottom of the heart.

I used  2 metre lengths of hessian.
Cut into 12cm strips.

I folded them in half and zoomed along them with the sewing machine.

My able assistant Miss B then fringed them for me.

And we threaded them onto the wire.
It took 3 lengths of 2 metres each for sufficient ruffleness.  I didn't bother with any joins.

Then my able assistant modelled the creation for me.
While I dusted a million pieces of hessian off me.

We popped on a few test cards.

Then decided to add the second smaller heart in anticipation of much postal and playground love.

I think the strips could be wider for more pegging space.
It could also look romantic in a gauzy white fabric.

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  1. Hi Deb, I love it - so easy (I just need a sewing machine)and I really like the way you have frayed the edges. Nicely modelled too. ;-)

  2. That looks good Deb - your able assistant fringed to perfection. xx

  3. I LOVE doing crafty things with my daughter. It's one of my favourite things to do. It makes me feel like a 'real' mummy!! That sound a bit crazy but I hope you see what I mean!

    Love this idea...


  4. I LOVE your burlap heart hanger Deb!! So beautifully modelled by your assistant to :D Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial ~ Txx

  5. I love it! Very clever and creative and I think I might be able to manage it!

    Your assistant is darling!


  6. oh you clever girl!!! I like your obsession with hessian and the result is fabulous!!! wonder if my sewing machine still works!!

    Thanks for the lesson and have a great week,. xxx Julie

  7. Just brilliant, Deb. You legend! I'm bookmarking that one, for sure. Oh, and I think your able assistant should have a starring role more often ☺. J x PS Your rhyme is pardoned!

  8. Hi Deb

    wow it looks brillian! I would like to have a go at that, right up my alley :-)

    just popping by to say you won my Brothers and Sisters dvd giveaway so I need your addy...could you email me please




  9. Your hessian card hanger looks fabulous, thanks for the tutorial and your assistant modelled it beautifully. xx

  10. I've just popped in via A Beach Cottage and thought I'd say hi and so glad that I found you via Sarah's little white beachy world...i'm ohhing and ahhhing over this little project of yours...thanks so much for sharing...loving the inspiration your giving me. Looking forward to popping back in every now and then to see what projects you've got on the go. All the best. Alison : )

  11. LOVE this it!!!!!!

    melissa xxx


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