Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do you think the kids are telling me something?

I got out of the shower this morning to find some duplo
Christmas trees decorating the family room.

The little Moerks were sick of waiting for us to get the Christmas tree down from the attic.

And took matters into their own hands!
I rather like Miss B's "styling" of the trees.
She's been absorbing home decorating from all the magazine and blogs.
Guess what we will be doing this afternoon.
Ok kids, we get the hint.


  1. Lol!! What absolutely gorgeous kids...I LOVE this :D Happy decorating this afternoon Deb ~ xx

  2. Love it. It's great to see the kids get right into the spirit. Just about to put on my free Christmas Michael Buble CD and hang up deco's. Can't wait.

  3. Ha ha, go kids! Have fun decorating this afternoon..Rachaelxx

  4. We're getting our decorations out this weekend too! Happy decorating, my lovely!

    I rather like the trees they've made - could be the inspiration to a whole new Christmas theme!!!


  5. They remind me of those fashionable receycled timber trees I've seen around the internet lately.
    Yes, I think it might be time to get that tree up :) I might do the same. x

  6. Ha! this cracked me right up!!!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend xox

  7. Your kids are subtle. Too funny. Enjoy your tree decorating. xx

  8. How cute and creative... Look forward to seeing your tree next!! ciao .. Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  9. Great kids soooo funny. Hope you've got that tree up and give us a peek.... Enjoy Kym X

  10. I think they look quite retro and charming....I guess the tree will come out this weekend if they keep putting on the pressure.

  11. I hope you're going to leave these ones up as well Deb. Clever kids :) There'll be no tree here this Christmas as I'm heading off to Newcastle for Christmas and the painters won't be out of my living room until the if only I had some Lego!!


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