Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the halls....

Well sort of ...
There were no boughs of holly to be found
tr la la la...

Yes we got the hint. (See previous post)

And set to work over the weekend putting up and decorating the tree.
(Please excuse dodgy power cord shots)

One of my clay tags made especially for the tree.

A bit of sparkle larkle!

This is our angel. She sits on the tree every year.
There is a current debate between Miss B and Big boy regarding who actually made her.

A bit of hall tablescaping.

Complete with raggy wreath.
Another project worked on with Miss B.

And a few strategically placed candles.

All works were done under the supervision of these 3 blokes.

We also made a crocheted star garland (See Rubie's place for more details)
and some cute little white birdies.
And some pom pom thingy's to put on the presents.
(See A Room for Everyone for inspiration)
All in all a very productive weekend.
(except for the ironing, it will just have to wait)
I'll post some pics when I get some decent ones.

If anyone has any ideas on how to centre my blog header please sing out.
I have tried going into template designer and altering the CSS to no avail.


  1. You HAVE had a productive weekend! It all looks so lovely. The train arond the base of the tree is such a lovely touch. I put up my tree on the weekend but there's nothing under it. I must do something about that. I wouldn't worry about the ironing (I never do!), your home looks so lovely and festive!
    ps you might like to enter my giveaway :)

  2. HI there, sorry I haven't been over for such a long time, I've been very bad about commenting recently.
    Love your christmas tree, but specially loved your children's subtle hints - where would we be without them?!

  3. It's all so gorgeous Deb! That's so funny about the kids not remembering who made the angel! I'd love to say I made some of the decorations but not day I'll have time! And thanks so much for the mention.. Rachaelxx

  4. Hi Deb, can't help you with the blog header sorry - try Katrina at I do love all of your Christmas decorating though - very nice! ;-)

  5. It all looks absolutely fabulous Deb!! I LOVE the rag wreath and your gorgeous clay tag (did you make it? What clay did you use, if you don't mind me asking?) It looks amazing. I also love, love, love your train around your Xmas tree!! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday ~ Tina xx

  6. Can't wait for the pictures of the ironing! That's what you meant right :) I'm very envious of all the Christmas decorating going on...why did I choose next week to have the main area of my house painted!! I will have to live vicariously through you :)

  7. So lovely and the clay tags are my favorite!!
    Have a great week!

  8. The angel is my favourite. And I checked out those star garlands - they speak to my inner-granny. Can't wait to see yours. xx

  9. Nice console table. It looks great there with the mirror above.

    I thought for a moment that you meant you'll post photos of your IRONING!!! Now *that* I would like to see!!!



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