Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cheery seasonal cushions.

A couple of weekends ago.
I made some cheery seasonal cushions.
To cheer up the brown leather couch.
 Which remains uncovered.
I have plans involving drop sheets 
and sewing machines.
But frankly right now, it is a project too big to handle.

Of course they don't stay like that for long.
Do you wonder at the amount of time spent putting cushions back on the couch?

Inspired by the lovely Zippy Zippy lady over the road 
 I made up some little tags for the cushions.


  1. Your cushions are so cute Deb! I am looking forward to seeing your lounge cover project. I tackled lounge covers last year and yes I used drop cloths too! Your Chrissy decorations are so lovely and your house is looking lovely. You are one very stylish lady. xx

  2. They're lovely! Looking forward to the dropcloth covers - I never knew it was such a good fabric to use.
    I know what you mean about fixing up the cushions on the couch. I'm constantly doing it as anytime Molly dog gets on or off the couch a host of cushions follow her!

  3. Sorry to bombard you with comments today! I can't help myself - these are so pretty. What gorgeous fabric. I like the background colour A LOT!!

    And the tags too! I have to get myself some of those....


  4. These cushions are great, certainly cheery and seasonal. I like your little tags. I think Christine over at Sunshine & Lollypops made cushions with the same fabric. Yes I wonder how much time I pick up things over the course of a week. My 2 & 4 year olds are mess makers, and I'm the faithful servant picking up, wiping up, over & over & over & over.......... :)

  5. Your cushions are gorgeous Deb, I love that fabric! Hope you let me know how your slipcovers turn out as it is just too big a job for me to think about at the moment too....Happy Wednesday ~ Txx

  6. Oh boy Debbie, I know all about covering sofas being big projects - nightmare actually! These cushions are really fun, great job you did.
    I set up a linky party to show off our xmas trees, wondered if you wanted to link back to your last post!

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  8. Gorgeous, well done and love the labels. Laughed at having to replace cushions that slide....its universal.

  9. Oh these are lovely...I am a cushion girl...the more the merrier!

    I love your little labels!!

    Hugs and JOY my friend. xoxo

  10. Love the cushions and the labels! nice touch.

    I have my first giveaway posted on my blog. Its a gift card so it could be used by anyone! Please do come and enter!

  11. Your cushions are beautiful! I wish I could sew! I agree with you about the pillows getting tossed about. I'd have a lot more if they weren't always on the floor!! Nicely done! :-)


  12. You are a crafty bee, Deb. I am most impressed! Well done you. And your tag is fab. J x

  13. Great cushions Deb. Slip covers? You're much braver than me! And how did you make those cute labels?

  14. Hi Deb, thanks for your lovely comment at my blog! And what great taste you have too!! I just loved that fabric when I saw it at Spotlight. I intended for my cushions to go on the front porch but it's been too windy here lately so I've put them on my couch in the family room which is very similar in colour to yours!! Lovely to have found your blog, I'm looking forward to following your adventures!

    Christine x

  15. Oh the cushions looks so sweet . clever you!!! I actually have a drop sheet covering one of my sofas now.. need a second to completely cover it but doubt I am as adventurous as you to actually take to the sewing machine also!!!

    Hope you have a lovely Friday... thanks for the the comment.. I just loved Noosa!!! ciao xxx Julie

  16. You are quite the crafty one Deb. I can't wait to see how your drop sheet couch cover turns out... we have a brown leather couch too and I have wondered... I find the cushions always slip down and never stay in place making look like a big mess! P.S Love the little tags you have made - very professional! ;-)


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