Friday, December 10, 2010

Sliding smarties and lists.

Are you a list maker?
I am. 
I rely on my lists.
I write them and rewrite them and check them off as I go.

These are my lists for yesterday.
You see, I had 2 1/2 hours to shop cook and pull off a party for 7 seven year olds in the park.

Usually my list and diary system works well.
Not this time. 
You see, I merrily worked Mon, Tues and Wed thinking I had all day Thurs to prepare for Master B's belated birthday party at the park.

Wednesday night I found the note in his school bag reminding me I had agreed to help out with Christmas activities ALL MORNING!

Anyway, some ultra fast baking was done. The disastrous blooming cake would not set and I had to cool the cookies Granny style on the front porch as I stood over them shooing the flies.

The barely cooled cookies, were bagged and tagged.

Icing slopped on the still warm cake. Smarties sliding everywhere.

After all the rush and stress.
The kids had a great time.
They still ate the cake and all the food and didn't care a jot about sliding smarties.

The highlight was catching locusts in butterfly nets and putting them into an insect home.

Miss B demonstrating net and collection of locusts.

Everyone went home having eaten far too much sugar and exhausted from playing cricket 
and chasing bugs.

And most importantly Master B. had a lovely time with his mates.
Just needed to add my brag.
After all this, my team
won our squash and we are through to the semi finals!
Anyone know a good masseuse?


  1. Oh, Deb, you did it! I've been waiting for this post. You are brilliant for pulling it off like that. And then backing up to win your squash! Tell me, did you remember to pop that wine in the fridge?! I'm so impressed at what you did in such a short time. Hey, it's 'birthday-cake-making-stress'week', isn't it? Nice one. J x

  2. Hello Deb
    How delicious those cookies look like! I can smell them from here (Brazil), can you believe in that?
    Congratulations for everything!!!

  3. All looked fine until the locusts and then I shuddered. Oh mt goodness. Is this a sport?

    The cake and cookies look wonderful. But the activities...


  4. Those biscuits look so great, especially in those bags . So professional! It sounds like it was all a big hit :)

  5. Looks and sounds perfect to me! Your cake and biscuit baking, locust catching and squash playing skills are awesome. I think we call that an all-rounder!! Hope you get a rest this weekend :)

  6. I like the look of those cookies, super squash mom.... nice header too - imagine having seasonal headers - that's posh blogging! A x

  7. Thats amazing. Youre amazing. How do you do it!

  8. Good Mummy! You put me to shame! Glad your little man had a great time. Yes the catching loctus thingy is happening here all the time. My boys call them "grasspoppers".

  9. Looks like a fab party. I love how you presented the cookies. DId you make the bags yourself?

  10. Deb you're a superwoman! Squash is hard, I'm impressed! The party sounds wonderful, what could be better than cookies, cake and cricket. Well done mum! Rachaelxx

  11. yum yum yum - those cookies look fab - thanks for dropping by the third - best le

  12. I would take a home made sliding smartie cake any day over a store bought. I think it looked lovley and festive.

  13. Oooh, just cooked cookies are LOVELY. Still damp and chewy. Mmmm.....


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