Friday, March 25, 2011

He's a star!

Our 7 year old is a bit of a star when it comes to making his bed and generally keeping his room tidy.

His brother and sister?
 Well let's just say, NOT so tidy.
Here is a little star garland I crocheted for his tidy room.

See, bed all made, cushions in place. Light streaming in.
Good boy!

Sorry the evening light is not fantastic.
(but, I did make the bean bag and cushion too, that's another story).

These starts were quick and easy to do.
The pattern is from over here.

I tell you, It's Friday night and my inner granny can't wait to finish tea and hit the couch so I can have some serious crochet time!

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  1. Cute as cute can be!
    You were my inspiration for re-discovering crocheting, thank you for that, and I think I could even attempt a little star or two. Have a lovely weekend. Alison xx

  2. Excellent garland - it looks fantastic in red with your son's room, especially with the stars and colour of the bed linen.
    I like the evening shot with the shadow behind it too. Crochet is not something you'd traditionally find in a boys room.
    Enjoy your crochet and let me guess; Better Homes & Gardens? :)

  3. ps - Excellent work in the bed making department!!

  4. I love the star theme for a boys' bedroom..and your garland is great with all the other stars!

  5. Well deserved stars for the tidy child in the family! I'm impressed with the pillow and beanbag Deb. They look great. xx

  6. He is a little star if he's making his bed already! I love your star garland, looks so good in his room!

  7. You star, Deb (no pun intended). What gorgeous creativity id flowing from your fingers. Bravo you! J x

  8. What a little darling he is! The star garland is lovely. I bought something similar from Tina at Rubies Place. It looks so sweet in the girls' room. Rachaelxx

  9. What a little champion! I love all of his stars! The star garland is perfect in his room. It will be a wonderful reminder to him of how proud you are of him! X

  10. Just gorgeous - love the bean bag too !! What a lucky little boy and what a lucky mumma that he makes his bed and cleans his room!!

  11. I just read these lovely comments to Master B. He blushed and when I asked if he wanted to say anything back he said "I don't know, thank you".


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