Sunday, March 27, 2011

This weekend

This weekend.

Started with muffins in bed.

Cooked by Mr M.

A purchase.
This is before.
Brown and blah, it had to go!

Pretty and pink, see it matches my iron.
My inner granny was speaking to me when I made the purchase!

Afternoon tea.
In the Aussie bush.

Cake lovingly made by Miss B.

Industrious boys, working off some afternoon tea.
Adrenalin pumping and Mother's wincing, not bearing to watch.

Followed by a girly baby shower Sunday afternoon tea.

With pom poms made by Miss B and me!
Joining up for the BC Saturday club.


  1. What a fantastic weekend Deb and Miss B has excelled! Rachaelxx

  2. Your photos look great, Deb. Love the aged effect. You must really be tapping into your inner granny! xx

  3. How lovely, I was initially thinking staying in bed all day with tea and muffins would have been perfect, but I can see that it was well worth your while to get up! There is something so great about eating out in the bush, everything tastes even better.... And thanks... Now I realize I don't have a pink iron... And I think I need one! X

  4. That sounds perfect...and the pictures are great. Me...recovering from the long haul flight home :)

  5. Nice weekend Deb, especially the afternoon tea in the bush. I bet you felt like you were back out camping. ;-)

  6. Sounds and looks as though you had a great weekend. Your pics are lovely. We had great weather here so I did some gardening and a bit of lazing about. It was nice :)

  7. Great pics Debbie - muffins again!
    I read the requirements for the meme you are joining - will have my camera ready for the "school drop off in your jammies" :)

  8. Ha ha Zippy, I will have you know I have already accomplished that one......

  9. Deb you are so clever, I love the pompoms - and the muffins looks positively scrumptious.

  10. HI Deb,
    Been remiss in reading here, have many posts to go back and read. On stronger drugs now, so very hard to work and read blogs, but adjusting slowly. Your weekend looked great you did blokey stuff and girly stuff.
    With terrific baking thrown in.
    Would love a pile of pom poms to cheer me up, still ensconced downstairs in the other half's office, with 2 desks and my "hospital bed", terribly dreary. You are inspiring me to tizzy up this very masculine room.
    Chat soon,

  11. Gosh Louise you must be very sick of bed. I can fully recommended pom poms, terrific therapy.


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