Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everybody needs a little browse now and then.

I popped over to Cox & Cox on the weekend for a little browse. 

How cute are these little birds on a wire!

I have a shockingly ugly hat basket.
This would be an improvement.

Too cute, would look great in Miss B's room.

Spotty birds, love them.

I am still liking this lacy tape.

Spools of ribbon.

Doilies for my inner nanna.

Ahhh Cox & Cox, I enjoyed my virtual browse.
If you have any favourite browsing spots, 
please let me know. 
We are supposed to be in for some
wet weather in coming days and I feel some browsing time coming on!


  1. Thanks for the browse Deb, raining here too! I love your term 'inner Nanna'. Some of those lovely hearts could very well be available here very soon, hint, hint.. ;-)

  2. What lovely things. The hatbox is very cute butI think I am now lusting over that lacey tape. Must try to resist...

  3. Hi Deb, I havent checked out Cox and Cox for ages, but I definently will straight after i leave here!!! I just adore online `browsing` !!! I have a couple of links for shops on my other blog ( just down the side. Anyway, have a very wonderful day!!
    Laura xx

  4. That clock is great isnt it. I hadnt heard of Cox and Cox till now! :)

  5. Yes it's rainy weather in Brisbane, and time for warming food and hibernation.
    That lace tape does wonders to plain brown paper! Excellent clock idea too. Seriously there is so much good stuff out there, if budget were only no issue I'd be buying, but yes, browsing is a great option too! :)

  6. Oh lovely! Thanks for sharing your browse! I adore the tape and the doilies. X

  7. It's one of my faves, too, Deb. I think I could actually buy every single item they sell. J x

  8. HI Deb.
    I love your images, the hat box is super cute.
    The lounge is not a slip cover one but has the skirt.
    They have another lounge called the ashbury that comes in a loose cover but is not removable, ???. Plus it doubled in price with this option.
    I liked the Dalton as it had two big cushions instead of 3 on the 3 seater and was a bid deeper. It is also a linen blend fabric and if you get their fabric protection it is under warrenty for 5 years against liquid spills.

    Have fun shopping

  9. thank you for the virtual browse, absolutely wonderful!

    happy friday ♥

  10. One of my vices..Cox&Cox, I just ordered more stuff yesterday.. I used the tape at Christmas time and it really looked beautiful. Rachaelxx


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