Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poppy love

Yvestown blog
I think this poppy cushion is adorable.
As you know I am rather fond of crochet,
and, I quite like white.
Perhaps this will be my next project.
If you like it too. Pop over 
to find the pattern for the flowers.

I am thinking that this weekend would be a great time to have a try at this little pattern.
After all.
This is the last weekend before
footy officially starts and we will be
out in the early morning
freezing out butts off.

We always grumble and complain about getting up early for footy and netball.

 As soon as we get there, we look at the mountains.
Our shoulders relax, we breathe the fresh air.
And it is "all good".


  1. That's like so many things Deb, the preparation, or getting up early, but always enjoyable once in the moment.
    I really like that cushion. Maybe you will be able to crochet little flowers sitting at the footy? :)

  2. That cushion is cute as Deb! Great find. Might give it a whirl myself ;) These are the times I'm grateful inhave grown up kids!

  3. Bloody iPad! I have grown up etc!

  4. I love the pillow, Deb...please show us if you make it!!


  5. Doesn't the Yvestown blog have the cutest things! It's pretty much exactly how I'd like to decorate, but bit too girly for my tradie Lyndon :)

  6. Pretty poppies! I love those bright colours on the white cushion! X

  7. Hi Deb, sorry to spam your beautiful blog but I wanted to explain about Grace App and the Free Day -Don't click yet - something happened and it slipped back to paid in the night!

    Just subscribe or watch the blog/facebook and when I can wake my developer we will get it switched back to FREE again. (he works nights)
    Really REALLY! Really sorry about this. It actually went free a day early so perhaps that was the issue. Thanks for letting me know. xx

  8. Hi guys, sorry about the poor link, I have fixed it now. Deb


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