Saturday, December 3, 2011

Excitipated, local bloggy gals.

My neighbour and I have developed a bit of our own language. 
A language born of each raising 3 babies and sharing many cups of tea and the occasional blog read.
We often speak in FF language. 
If you don't know what that is, pop over to Faux Fuschias blog for a visit!
We often rate things 11 out of 10 and action domestic duties.
The universe also often directs us to consume champagne or red wine. Lucky us, it just tells FF what to cook.

One of our favourite words we have developed is  "Exhaustipated". You should try saying it out loud. It is very satisfying.  Perfect for when you are beyond tired. I should also add, it has nothing what so ever to do with bowel movements. 

Anyway, to cut a rather long story short.

Today I was totally Excitipated!

I went to a local market and met 4 other bloggers. 

One was a lovely very talented girl who lives across the road, who I already know. Her name is Jacquie and she make the most beautiful buntings and personalised santa sacks. Check out her blog ZippyZippyWorld.

The other was one I had heard about, and it turns out I have known her sister for years.

Her name is Lisa and she makes beautiful quilts and little bags and purses. You can visit her blog here.

And the other two are up and coming bloggers. 
One was Ivy loves Jack. She has some great vintage finds and makes adorable dresses for her daughter.

And the other was The Apprentice Extrovert. Here are some of her wares. 

These chairs were divine. 
If only I could have smuggled them home.

Courtney even shows you how to make these pretend books and the book ends on her blog

Joy oh joy!

What a great way for Miss B and I to spend the morning.
Checking out the crafty business of the local talent.
Guess where we went on the way home?

Stand by for 
Lets go Moerkabout
Gets Christmas crafting!


  1. Oh how I love a market! I dragged Molly and lyn to one in the rain today. I also love meeting other bloggers. What a nice day you must have had! X

  2. I love that word...excitipated!!! It was an excitipating day for me too!! So nice to meet you and the other blogging gals on such a gorgeous day!
    Thanks for taking some photo's and putting them up on your blog. I can't believe I left my camera at home! I will link up to your post, as mine will be photo-less!
    That's so funny that you went to spotlight on the way got inspired!!

  3. How did you get that picure of me?! Ha! I would love to have come along to that market!! X

  4. It was lovely to meet you too! Great photos of the stall, she is so clever isn't she?!

  5. oh looks so fun. def loving these pics!!

  6. How nice to meet some bloggers in person. Love that furniture. Nothing like a lovely wander around the markets x

  7. Hahaha I;m having a giggle Can't wait to see your crafts! We never have any good markets here :( I'm missing out.

  8. Wow we are a crew! How much fun making is that? I think we all have a secret language in us somewhere! Thanks for taking the lovely photos - I forgot! I think my helper niece took some so I must check. Are you going to Nati this weekend? Maybe we should arrange a blogger meet up sometime, like they do on some of the 'big blogs'! Now that would be fabtastic!

  9. Nice pics Deb, was a great market, Horsham needs a nice big handmade market. I agree with Lisa, a bloggy catch would be granfabulous! Who knows, there may be more closet bloggers lurking around the district


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