Saturday, December 10, 2011

A bit of dodgy Christmas baking.

It's a bit of a sad but true fact, that I am in fact not the worlds greatest cook.
I don't really like cooking all that much and something nearly always goes wrong.
No matter what.

I quite like baking.
Well, I have to confess, I like the idea of baking slightly more than the actual baking.

Any who.
I spent the morning dutifully reading the latest Donna Hay magazine and drooling over her gorgeous biscuits.
Not one to follow an established recipe, I decided to make some stained glass window biscuits.

It started well with boiled lollies.

Big boy had a wow of a time crushing them for me.

I didn't factor in the high humidity today.
Our climate is usually hot and very dry.
So the bits of lollie clumped together.

I rolled and cut and placed.

Threw them in the oven,
well, literally forgot about them.

These are the "not so burnt"ones.

With a bit of  "fancy twine" (that's what the label said on the box).
Up they went.
They taste OK.
Oh well, at least I tried.

How is your baking going?


  1. hee hee so loved this - I am on your baking team ... these look the part and are really a delight of homemade-iness :) my biscotti is more like rockscotti ... well at least we made an effort :) le xox

  2. Oh yummy what a fun idea! I love the idea of cooking more than actually cooking too xox

  3. Unfortunately I'm very familiar with the burnt versions of baking! I get a bit smug with my efforts and forget about things until I can smell them.
    This week I have been baking some cookies and slices to give away to neighbours and a family at school, but of course we had to taste our efforts.
    Your stars look fabulous - tend to stick to rather simple baking.

  4. They look great! I'd love to do some bickie deccys for the tree but we have so many ants around our house that I'd just be asking for trouble!
    I might make my gingerbread house this week, but apart from that I haven't got much planned int he way of Christmas cooking.

  5. I think the look great and I would scoff one down with a cuppa in a heartbeat! ;-)

  6. I love the idea of baking (and especially the eating part!!), but the actual putting it all together part of it I don't so much enjoy! It never seems to turn out quite like the picture! But these little beauties look brilliant! I'd be willing to give this a go for the end result : )
    Alison x

  7. I made these one year & they turned out the same ...not perfect but yummy & we had lots of fun making them!

  8. These look amazing! My daughter wanted to make these and I have been distracting her with gingerbread instead... Maybe I will be brave now you have given it a go! I am always leaving things in the oven.... I think they still look fantastic and I would be quite proud of them if I were you! X


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