Monday, May 31, 2010

Kitchen Saga

We have a bit of a saga with the camper trailer kitchen, well actually our camper trailer does not have a kitchen.
We have always just taken a table, a few plastic tubs and set them up outside in the awning. This has worked fine for us except if it was really wet or windy. On long stays I would take and set up my pantry. Known as the "fancy dancy campy pantry".

We can't take fancy dancy campy pantry on the big trip, it is too big and takes too long to set up for just a couple of nights.

So at a camping show we saw this...

Perfect! I thought, the genuine Trak Shak kitchen caddy. (Our camper is a Trak Shak) It has a lovely long slide out stainless steel bench for preparing food, a cradle for the stove and of course the kitchen sink!

The best part is, it attaches to the rear tailgate of the trailer so can be used in the tent or unhooked and used outside. Very versatile!

In the past we have not been able to use anything like this because our zips around the tailgate were dodgy and all manner of pests and slithery unmentionables could have joined us in the tent.
But, as we speak  blog, the zips are being replaced as well as the floor and all will be in good working order (I hope).

Any way, this rather unsophisticated milk crate type set up seemed to me to be ideal and would make things a  little easier.

Any how, the saga. We ordered a caddy some time ago and recently the company have contacted us to say they are having trouble getting stock and don't expect any to arrive before we go. There is a slight chance they may get some in a couple of weeks. So our dilemma is do we wait and risk missing out or go to plan B?

Plan B is a bit scary because it involves Mr M and a welder. Mr M is brilliant with timber, can make anything. A welder, I am not so sure about. The other thing is that I am not in love with Milk crates, they don't have lid or slide in and out. So I have been researching and researching trying to come up with some nice plastic drawers so I can be organised.

Something a little like this

Wish me luck, I go to bed dreaming of sliding drawers, stainless steel and milk crates.

The Moerks


  1. The first thing that popped into my head when I read this post was that I'll bet this isn't quite the kitchen saga most people were expecting! Gotta love it! K xx

  2. Wow, big decisions to make as, besides a comforty bed, a good working kitchen is top priority when roughing it! I can't wait for your big trip to start! My brother in law just bought a camper trailer and Glen has dreams of us getting one in a few years, so I think your blog is going to be the first one that he actually takes interest in :)
    Have a great monday,

  3. It is a dilemma..I really like the setup with the plastic draws, if you can manage to get one/put one together. Definitely need a decent kitchen - wherever you are! Rachaelxx

  4. Camping has definitely come a long way with the invention of such nifty things! Did I mention I've only camped twice and both times there was a toilet and more experieced people to help me? I'm very impressed by what you are doing.

  5. Yes - the blue crates are all wrong. White kitchens are all the rage and you must replicate this trend in your camp kitchen. Good luck with your search - I don't think I'd fancy my hubby doing any sort of welding either!!

  6. What a lovely thing to dream about. It all sounds so exciting... even the planning. A-M xx

  7. Hi, just found your blog! We too have a camper trailer with the kitchen attached at the back. Looks to me that you found the same draws I did (from Bunnings). We did a similar but far smaller trip about 2 years ago out west and then south to Adelaide. We camped at some farm stays along the way. We all (we have 2 boys) had a ball and still talk about it. I think we are getting itchy feet to do it again. Best of luck and have fun!

  8. We should all dream about milk crates!!! and travel!! but I'll leave the slinky slimy snakes to you my friend!!.... Glad you've got your zips sorted.... xx Julie


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