Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Barn Hill Station, Caravan Park or Retirement Village?

Barn Hill Station was an unexpected delight. We decided to check out what we thought was a small campground about 100kms south of  Broome. We drove down a very red dusty track opening and closing gates to keep the cattle in and to our surprise found a lovely caravan park with the ocean at our doorstep.

What a view!


The light was magic.

Red Cliffs meet the white sand.
Barn Hill has a bowling green, gentle exercises and a very happy atmosphere. There are groups of people that go there every year for the winter months.
At 4.45pm there is a rush for the showers before 5pm drinkies, we thought it was a hoot!

Happy Birthday Master B. photo taken just moments before the heavens opened and it poured and poured.
See his poor elbow. Thanks to Carolyn, the mefix has come in very handy.

The Moerks


  1. How wonderful!!!
    That first shot is just gorgeous!!! and what a location.. if only I liked camping. haha

    Happy Birthday to Master B.. sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time!! xxx Julie

  2. Oh it looks wonderful. Time of your lives! A-M xx

  3. What a great spot! Happy B'day to Master B! What a great birthday on a memorable holiday :)

  4. If that's a retirement village, where do I sign?? And a happy (memorable) birthday to Master B :)


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