Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monkey Mia, beyond the dolphins.

We weren't sure what to expect at Monkey Mia.

Peaceful blue water.

Pretty good cake and coffee.

Hordes of people wanting to feed the dolphins.

Hordes of dolphins wanting to be fed.

Fortunately they only feed 5 dolphins, family members of the original dolphins to be fed at Monkey Mia.

The rest have to catch their own fish and frolick around for our entertainment.

The Moerks


  1. It looks like a beautiful spot. What a wonderful clear day :)

  2. How lovely..I've always wondered about Monkey Mia. Can you believe the Grand Final??!! We were there, as we were last year, again left in utter disbelief at the result. Hopefully we'll be there next Saturday too. GO SAINTS! Rachaelxx

  3. Wow.. I've always wanted to see Monkey Mia .. will have to go on my bucket list.. In fact everywhere you've been is now on my bucket list. I'm so unpatriotic. hahaha. always dreaming of going overseas.. but from what you've been showing me.. now I want to venture around our fair land..

    Have I told you that you're the best parents!! taking your kids on this adventure.. Can you be my mum and dad too? hehe.. Keep having fun and reporting back to us shmucks in suburbia..

    PS.. thanks for kind comments... original shots on disposable and of course a little help with photoshop.. xxx Julie

  4. Monkey Mia looks so lovely. Such beautiful water and the dolphins aren't bad either!


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