Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Freo

Here we are in old Fremantle

Having missed out on buying a didgeridoo up North we had a lead on a bloke selling fairdinkum didges in Freo.

Fortunately, we were lucky and got a ridgy didge didgeridoo (sorry that was bad wasn't it!) 

This is just a facade, behind is a carpark. I think it is great that it remains.

Miss B looking perhaps like she could be in Paris.

And this little dude!

We ventured to the old port.


Helped with the catch of the day.

 And then went home very tired!

The Moerks


  1. Wow, Fremantle looks nothing like I imagined!! It is gorgeous:) I love the old facade with a carpark behind it!! I also love those pics of your children!! Your 'dude' pic is so cool!! Hope you have a wonderful Friday Deb ~ Txx

  2. Can't believe you're in my neck of the woods!! So glad you liked Fremantle - it's full of some real characters but has a definite charm about it. I used to love working there because of its friendly feel. That building facade is often used as a backdrop for wedding photos. Did you stop for some fish and chips at the harbour and were the markets on when you were there?


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