Monday, November 1, 2010

Come for a spring garden ramble.

  Come in, come for a ramble in our garden. Spring has sprung and the flowers are waiting to greet you.

In we go.

 Meet the first ever success we had with Kangaroo Paw. Our secret?
Go away for 12 weeks and leave them be....

Our tumble down hedge is looking green and luscious.

"Hello Mr Petunia!"

"Hello, pretty pink rose."

"Hi there catmint."

 Er, no idea what this is. So "hello herby looking plant."

This daisy has "relaxed" over the garden bed.

Just waiting to be made into lemon slice. Mmmm.

This happy chappy guards the seedlings.


This is what the little Moerks do in their spare time.

Hope you have enjoyed our little tour.
Do you ever have a little encouraging chat to your garden?


Have a ridiculously good day.


  1. What a fabulous looking garden. And thanks for the tip about the kangaroo paws...I've never had any success and I love them!

  2. Gorgeous, I especially love the work of the little moerks, reminds me of when I was a kid :-)

  3. Gorgeous Deb. Sure beats the concrete jungle I live in! Stick insect update - released to the wild (herb garden) as leg accidentally broken when putting rubberband back onto container. But..... another one hatched almost immediately... the gift that keeps on giving! A-M xx

  4. Well, I wish that kangaroo paws would grow in Normandy! What a lovely garden you have, how nice to think you can go away for months and still have this waiting for you when you come back!
    Thank you very much for putting up my giveaway button
    My French Country Home

  5. Hi Deb, what a lovely garden you have. I am not too successful with the Kangaroo paw either. I have one thriving and then one that is dead next to it? Go figure... ;-)

  6. Hello Moerks
    Your garden is simply fantastic! I love all those plants, flowers,fruits...Unfortunately I live in an apartmente in Brazil. But I'm always in the midle of the nature when I can!
    Now I invite you to know a peace of nature in the ocean where I lived for while in some enviromental projects.
    Kisses and have a nice week!!!

  7. What a gorgeous garden. I like that you have mysterious shrubs growing in your garden too. x

  8. That is a beautiful garden. The daisies are fantastic. I'd love some like that to put in my house. x

  9. I love your garden. Looks like you could lose a few hours in it!!

  10. Just you wait...when you're heading into winter next year, I'll be taunting you with my rambling roses too!!

    Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. I just can't get my head around the fact that you're heading into summer!


  11. Oh how pretty everything looks. Love those daisies but it all looks so great. It's fun to look at since everything here is dying off for fall and winter.

  12. I love your garden - so rambly and lovely and absolutely gorgeous! After all the rain we've had lately, out native frangipani trees are smothered in blooms, and the fragrance is so strong at night - just beautiful. My mum is a big gardener, so I'm going to show her all the pics of your lovely garden - she'll love them as much as I do! K xx

  13. Your garden is just lovely, Deb! It makes me wish for spring!!


  14. Just delightful, Deb. Thanks for taking us on a wander.Is that jasmine up the top? Oh, and now I want some lemon slice. Mmm. J x

  15. How lovely Deb, got any tips for mine? I have already discovered that many things do much much better without me! A x

  16. Looks good Deb, our lemon tree is still little - if you ever have any spares.....
    Is the mystery herb Sage? or some type of salvia? You have a great day too :)

  17. Your garden looks beautiful!! Love the kangaroo paws. I agree with ZippyZippy above - I think your unknown herby plant might be sage...

  18. Your garden is lovely. I agree the herb looks like sage to me, but I have never kept it long enough to flower!.
    Pam x

  19. What a lush, happy garden. It must love its chats with you!

  20. Wow Deb, those chats must be happy ones, because your garden is beautiful!!! I love your catmint:) ~ Tina x

  21. By the way, that first picture looks as though it's from a magazine. I had to do a double take when I realised it's YOURS!!

  22. Your garden looks so lovely Deb..I only wish I had one like it. day! Rachaelxx

  23. What a gorgeous garden, it has all the perfect elements to make me want to sit back with a icy glass of lemonade and a good book!

    Loved the little comment about 12 weeks away and you get perfect Kan garoo Paw hehehe



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