Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not many words today.

I haven't got words today except to say we are all thinking of those in dire circumstances in NSW and Queensland affected by the floods.
Our love and prayers go to them.

Please spare a thought for them all, and lovely ladies like A-M and her boys who have already been through so much.

I guess we take comfort in knowing the Aussie Spirit will prevail, we will help out our mates as best we can.

I am not going to show any other flood pictures except one, we will all see enough graphic images.

 It's a green frog, hitching a ride on a brown snake.
That's the spirit.


  1. I cant bear to watch the news at this moment. I have three close friends up there. I suppose alot of us know someone. That photo is heartwarming, x

  2. Classic. Can't tear myself away from the tv, except to check out what the blogs are saying :)

  3. It's such a terrible thing to be experiencing. I am thinking of all who are in the midst of the floods. What an amazing photo.

  4. I have wept tears today for the people & animals in Brisbane (only 60km away from us).
    And A-Ms latest post breaks my heart. I have never meet her but I want to rescue her belongings just to make life a little easier for them.

  5. I know, Deb. I can't think of anything else, either. Saying prayers in Hobart, especially for A-M and her boys. J x

  6. What a shot, a frog on a snake, that's a child's book waiting to be created!! Love Posie

  7. Great pic and great sentiment about our Aussie spirit prevailing - I think I will have to share it. Thoughts and prayers to all those in Qld. Alison

  8. Perfect image dear Deb
    I wasn't keen to show flood images either... there are enough to be seen on tv... I know many of us are thinking of A-M and her boys... seems unfathomable that she would be hit with more hardship.. and others such as Katherine from the Old Boathouse still cheery whilst moving all her shop goods to higher ground before tonight's peak hits.. I'm thinking of them all.. xxx Julie

  9. Beautiful image Deb. I'm watching the ABC at the moment. It feels like Black Saturday all over again..watching the news, crying, wanting to help. It's unimaginable. Rachaelxx


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