Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is our place after the 100 mm of rain a couple of weeks ago. 
Seems like forever now.

Poor Lulu needed floaties to get to her kennel.
Actually it was so wet, she had to have a night in the laundry.

This is Mr M. looking a bit worried.

It all dried up pretty quickly.
Then the river started to rise.
But, that's another story.


  1. I'm so glad it has dried up. We've perfect sunny weather here, and I hope it stays for awhile. My seasonal body clock needs a dose of sunshine and fresh air, and a break from the grey incessant rain. Hope it's sunny for you today! x

  2. Oh Deb, no. Praying for sunshine for you. A-M xx

  3. Gumboot conditions for sure. I hope everything is ok now?

  4. Oh dear! Hope all is ok now and much drier for you in your backyard.

  5. So glad to have you back again! Happy Aussie Day to you & yours, hope the sun is shining in Qld. : ) Alison

  6. Oh, Deb! Don't leave us hanging! J x

  7. I see you were optimistic enough to leave the washing out! Welcome home. We are off to Tenerife on Saturday for our dose of (much needed) winter sun. NX

  8. Oh dear. I hope you didn't get any damage to your home, Deb. Crossing my fingers for bright sunny days for you all. xx

  9. bet you were sick of wearing those *wellies*!!

    bare feet at yours....hows life now?

    thinking of you all at home today...happy australia day Deb....hope its a dry one!

    melissa xx

  10. I can't believe the school holidays and January are practically seems we prepared and had Christmas...New Year and then floods have been all Australia have thought about...I was glued to the tv for about a week of it. We were cut off here for a few days. Now they are still continuing in seems like a never ending story this summer. I am glad you're ok.

  11. I hope that everything is dry and sunny for you now Deb. It's been a worrying few weeks hasn't it?
    Happy Australia Day. x

  12. I hope and pray the damage wasn't too bad and I wish you much sunshine.


  13. We are lucky here that we don't have flodding issues. It must be such a worry having that much rain.


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