Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Cakes

One of the girls in my team at work is leaving to have a baby.

These are some happy cupcakes I made for her farewell afternoon tea.

There was enough colouring to ensure everyone worked at super fast high speed after eating them!

Goodluck V. We can't wait to meet your baby.

Speaking of new arrivals.

Meet our new pets.

Currently named Splash and Dash.
I was hoping for Hamish and Andy, but lost out.


  1. What adorable cupcakes. It's so nice to be made a fuss of, so I'm sure your colleague appreciated this very much. Cute fish!

  2. Amazing high tech cupcakes, I think you should just call them Hamish and Andy, whatever ... they'll answer just as well to either name!

  3. I am sure those yummy cakes went like lightening Deb. Nice to meet Splash and Dash too! ;-)

  4. Yum. They give me energy just looking at them! A x

  5. Not the fish - the cupcakes...

  6. Cuter than cute, those little cakes. Hmm, Splash and Dash. We had Pocket and Rocket (Graceful Tree Frogs) and Tex and Rex (Red Eyed Tree Frogs)... the rhyming thing is essential I think.... although I love Hamish and Andy.... certainly beats Nigel and Brian.
    A-M xx

  7. What super sweet cup cakes! I bet she loved them! X

  8. Yes, you have to love a cupcake sugar rush!

  9. those cakes are wonderful- well done you x


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