Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Reading and general wanderings.

Hello, thank you for all your lovely Easter Greetings. I hope you had a lovely time too.

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We are home, safe and sound with a tonne of washing to do. 
Why does the ironing always seem to be double the amount of washing?

Mind you, I am one of those strange types who actually don't mind doing a bit of ironing, not too much  though or I get a bit sick of it.

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Now, just before Easter and during the break I managed to read some real life actual books and thought I would share.

A brief note:
I am not generally known for choosing high brow reading materials.
Scroll elsewhere if you are looking for something meaty and intellectually challenging!

For some strange reason I put off reading "The Food of love" for ages. However once I started, I devoured it in two sittings. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I may have to cook some of the recipes in the back of the book.

Then I read, "Left Neglected" about a lady who sustains some brain damage in a car accident and basically neglects the entire left of her body. I found it fascinating.

Then as light relief,
"The Shoe Princesse's Guide to the Galaxy"
light, fluffy, some laugh out loud bits and lots of references to blogging.

Now to a bit of wandering.

Over Easter, Mr M's parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
We all went out to lunch which was lovely.

After the lunch we wandered around on the pretext of letting the kids burn off some energy.

I really just wanted to look at the buildings.

Hope you managed a break over Easter too.

And, do you have any book ideas for me?
I am always looking for something to read or suggest for bookclub.


  1. Those books sound great. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. I bought a book to read over Easter and am really enjoying it. I chose it because it has a beautiful cover! I can't remember the name, something about broken hearts healing in Provence? The main character is a widow and ends up in Provence to oversee the restoration of a family house. Pretty fluffy but I'm a sucker for anything set in Italy or France!
    ps those buildings are very stylish, aren't they?

  2. Glad you had a relaxing break! I love getting a chance to read too. The Shoe Princess sounds like a book for me! Those buildings by the sea look amazing! X

  3. I was interested in Left Neglected in the book store but them forgot the name when I tried finding it on Book Depository. Off to buy a copy now.

    TDM xx

  4. Love a good book and to hear what others are reading for inspiration. I really enjoyed Songs Without Words by Ann Packer. What a lovely way to enjoy Easter. (your bunnies and display table are gorgeous)
    Rebecca x

  5. How lovely for your children to witness a 50th wedding anniversary. I'm so proud my parents are up to 55 years, it's special.
    Easter, we went to Queensland, lovely, best of all, my husband was there. Love Posie

  6. Thanks for sharing your books - I love hearing what you have been reading, and these sound great, partic the Shoe one; I put some books on mine the other day but I tend towards nasty thrillers!! xx


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