Monday, May 30, 2011


Agent bauer

I have noticed a lot of ruffley goodness around in blogland lately.

So pretty.

How was your weekend?
Did you get up to much?

We had a lot of misty drizzle.
Not enough to cancel Auskick thank goodness.
Just enough to stop the washing drying.

I went on a shopping trip with a friend.
 (4 hours travel). In shop A, the lady was very encouraging, "just forage and try on" was her mantra. My friend found a great top. On the way out we asked about a shop round the corner. "just be careful" she warned. "She will tell you anything looks good". 

Off we went to shop B. The lady in shop B marches up and says to both of us, "mother of the bride or groom?" Er "I got that wrong didn't I" she says.

Well, we were stunned followed by hysterical laughter, wondering if was our 7, 10 or 12 yr olds getting married.

Went back to shop A to report. She just laughed and suggested we go back later in the morning when shop B lady was onto her 4th drink.

Ouch, it did sting! 

So back to ruffles, they are pretty aren't they!


  1. Yeah, ruffles are ok. But get a load of that fabulous knitted sit-upon thing! Shop lady B would probably be comfy on that...not far to fall :)

  2. Ha Kerry, it did not escape my notice!

  3. I love a ruffle :)
    I had the weekend off so we took Molly out for a run and played a boardgame. It was fun!
    Your shopping expedition sounds interesting!

  4. Oh they are so pretty!
    I just made myself a ruffle bag and got so excited!
    I keep looking around for more things to ruffle! X

  5. Remember fanny packs and how nasty they could be? A friend made herself one that was all ruffles and it looked spectacular. Her's was quite different but I think she got the idea from Frilly Bum Bags.

  6. Ha!! Just like when the girl in Esprit suggested the daughter i was looking a Tshirt for was "i'm guessing your daughter is 20??" So i'm in my mid 30s, it's possible i was a young teen mother but no. I just did a post on ruffles so snap, love Posie


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