Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The French do it so well.

Instead of the tangled mess of thread and stacks of crumpled fabric I have upstairs.
One day, I would love to organise my sewing space to be tidy and pretty like this.

It looks so pretty and organised. 
How disciplined this person must be.
How easy to work on a project when everything is so organised.

And this pretty bathroom looks fresh and clean.
No wet towels on the floor.

Drinks anyone?

Maybe a cuppa?

Source and more pictures here

It's all so pretty.
As the title of the post says.
The French do it so well. 


  1. Just popping in to say how much I'm enjoying your wintery posts esp the garden ones! xxx

  2. Several years ago my son had a friend over and to get to the computer room they had to walk through my sewing room. His friend (about 7 years old), said in a very loud voice. "wow, I don't think I've ever seen such a messy room!"
    move on, kid - just move on.

  3. One day it will be, it's funny how the blogs slowly brainwash you into becoming more organised! Rachaelx

  4. Yes please Deb I'll have a cuppa and a drink, hey lets do both.
    Very pretty pictures indeed. My sewing stuff is down to one cane basket since the move and it's quite liberating. Only the bare essentials remain which is fine as I don't sew like in the old days.

  5. These rooms are only organized when there is a camera lurking about!


  6. Deb, they really do. As I sit at the dining room table that caters to eating, drinking, computing/home-based business venture, camera dumping etc...I wish for the French decor fairy to appear.

  7. Love Rachaels comment about brainwashing, its so true. Theres a lot of 'lessons' to be learned from french decor. The simplicity yet the practical too.
    Im hearing you with the towels on the floor. Its towels right through the house that gets to me.


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