Sunday, September 4, 2011

I can't help myself...........................

photo by Claudia Dulak via Heart Handmade UK

At this time of year, with the sun starting to appear. 
I am seeing little leaf buds starting to swell and the odd bit of blossom.

photo by Claudia Dulak via Heart Handmade UK

A girls thoughts do turn towards floral.

lisaleonardonline via IDA lifestyle

How very refreshing after Winters long shadows and grey skies.

I am feeling a trip to Spotlight coming on. Perhaps some new springy cushion covers. 
Stay tuned.

Do you do a spring clean and a bit of a freshen up?

I am waiting for the footy season to finish.
Big boy's team is in the finals.
Next week is do or die.
If they lose, they are out.
I am sure my finger nails won't survive a grand final.
It is very nerve wracking.

After it is all over.
I am going to do the mother of all spring cleans.
No cupboard is safe.


  1. What beautiful photos. I think I need a dozen houses to suit all the styles I enjoy looking at. This would be my perfect Spring house!
    I'm in perpetual spring clean mode for getting ready to sell the house. It does feel nice though to be organised.

  2. I like the expression 'no cupboard is safe' and shall adopt this mantra next time a thorough declutter is in order at my house.
    Who invented sports finals I wonder? For sure they're designed to take years off a mothers life.

  3. Look so pretty - spring is my fave time of year - have fun cleaning the place also love the 'no cupboard is safe' quote :O) Have a great day ,
    A xx
    PS: Sounded lovely packing up the kids cruising - would love to do that
    (and the Aussie outback - yep on my bucket list for sure :)

  4. Those florals make my heart sing!!! SPRING!!! Yay! X

  5. Oh Deb, Claire always finds the prettiest photos. They really make the heart sing, don't they? I am on a mission to make some fabric covered boxes like that. J x

  6. Gorgeous images! I love a floral 24/7. I do plan on updating my lounge cushions but it's finding the time :)

  7. I will be sneaking some more florals about the house very soon too. The sewing machine will be hard at work when I get weekends back. One more week of footy. Yep, the big GF. I'm not sure my heart can take it. It's only Monday and I'm nervous already. The other team have even been spying on us. Who would have thought under 13's would be so competitive?


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