Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas wrap up.

I thought I was ready to let Christmas go. Turns out I just needed one more post to let it all out of my system. Sorry, it's a long one.

Here we go.

Family Tradition - Gingerbread House
It is a family tradition for us now to make a Gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. We love it. The kids get very involved.

This years house had substantial modifications.

Outdoor toilet facilities for one.

Addition of gingerbread child proof fencing.

And, boiled lolly leadlight windows.

At the last minute I had the urge to make some star garlands. So Christmas eve saw me watching Carols by Candlelight and furiously crocheting and starching.

Excuse the didgeridoo. I don't know how that got in the shot.

Christmas table

Christmas Day here was stinking hot.

These poor birds were lying on the grass with their wings spread to try and cool down.

So I went with white and bright.
This was the thrifted damask tablecloth I picked up a couple of weeks ago at a bargain price.

If you have made it this far. Well done.

In the meantime, 
I'll be playing with this.

Hanging out on Twitter

And chilling here.
And nibbling on this.


  1. I can see why you weren't ready to let Christmas go, Deb! Yours was gorgeous. Loving the Gingerbread house with all its wonderful details, it must have been so much fun to make! Also love your twinkle stars...they look fabulous! Well done to you for getting them finished in time!! Hope your New Year is as fabulous as your Xmas was ~ xx

  2. Your Christmas decs look great! Love the stars - I can't crochet and I dare not start a new craft! Happy new year!

  3. Thanks Tina, I have a way to go to get my stars looking as good as yours. D

  4. Your gingerbread house looks fabulous! It's such a nice family tradition too.
    How nice are your crochet garlands :) I always think of Tina when I see them.
    Didn't you say you were wishing for an iPhone? Lucky you! Best wishes for 2012 xx

  5. loved seeing your xmas Deb - here's to 2012 - best le xox

  6. Hi Deb- sooo lovely to be home- I know how warm Christmas day was!!!

    So...if a girl needs to buy some of your star garlands- what should she do!!?? I love them!! Audrey would love one of these in her new/old bedroom at our house here... can never have to many Christmas posts!!!

    Melissa xx

  7. Love your crochet stars !
    Is there a pattern available ? Maybe if I start now I could have a garland done by Christmas 2012.
    Karyn x

  8. Making a gingerbread house is on my list of things I must do before I die! Yours looks fab. And Christmas in Australia seems incomplete without a didgeridoo don't you think? I want one of those as well :)
    Thanks for the peek into your Christmas...I think it must have been a pretty good one. And maybe I should start crocheting for next year!

  9. The kids did a gingerbread house this year but I really love the idea of becoming a Christmas Eve tradition. And yours is lovely xo

  10. I am so impressed with that gingerbread house! Love those crochet stars, I am going to learn how to crochet in the new year... This time I will try to stick at it! Your table looks fantastic too! I have a new itoy in the new year so I share your excitement there! Have a fantastic new year! X


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