Sunday, January 8, 2012

Girly ruffly bathroom accessories, Could you?

We are breathing a sign of relief today.
It rained yesterday and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.
It is such a pleasant change. 
The birds are chirping again in the fig tree,
They must have been feeling the heat too,

The upside of the unpleasant heat, was that I had plenty of time to look around at pretty pictures on the net.

What do you think of these?

There is about a snowball chance in hell of something this girly making it to our bathroom.

As pretty as it is.


The boys would vote with their feet.
And very dirty feet those would be!

Although maybe the laundry bag could. 
It is very pretty.

Would your mob let you?


  1. I was looking at that shower curtain at Anthropologie yesterday and thought it would work in my bathroom. I think it would trap dust though with the humidity in the bathroom.

    I do love it though.

  2. we had the rain and the temp drop too - double ya ! loving that rug with the rosettes - how fab! but like you the wee lads would unintentionality cause an early demise of such white and creamy girlishness - le xox

  3. Both my bathrooms are painted a blush pink and one has a ruffled shower curtain. I have 2 boys and The Husband, but who cares? I have always decorated for my taste. If the boys had thier own bath, I would definitely do it more neutral, but they don't, so I have it my way! ;-)


  4. Such lovely pretty pieces but I don't think my husband would be so keen on something so girlie here :) Glad to hear you're having a break from the heat - sunny days are nice, extreme heat no so xx

  5. My hubs usually let's me decorate the house but I know his sensilbities would do flip flops if I bought anything overly ruffly home.
    We are sitting embracing the air con like blobs. Tis hot.

  6. Oh ladies thank you for your thoughts. They boys here would not be so interested.

  7. oooh love these ruffles! The shower curtain is especially lovely I think i would sneak it in and see if Mr noticed lol


  8. I don't think so, as pretty as they are.
    I am struggling decorating our house without making it too pretty for my hubby. Not easy to keep white things white.
    Have a great day

  9. Sooo pretty! Love that mat! How hard would that be to make?! X

  10. Oooh, they are so pretty, aren't they? But I think I would be voting with my feet too!! They'd be gorgeous for about a minute and then not-so-gorgeous after that, as they got all grubby!!!


  11. It would definitely have to go in my guest bathroom, but it's gorgeous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  12. Wonderful designs of shower curtain; I must say that this is one of the best shower curtains especially for girls. Awesome designs I just loved it!!!


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