Monday, February 27, 2012

Our chooks have started arriving.

Yay, happy days, our chooks have started arriving.

The first two have settled in.

Our two little silkies. Yet to be named.

This greyish white one is a bit feisty.
She squawks and clucks and protests when she is picked up.

The little gingery brown one is very friendly.
She loves a cuddle.

This is fortunate, because they have been on the receiving end of hourly cuddles and pats.

It's been 40 degrees over the weekend so lots of checking was a good idea.

Welcome girls.


  1. Cute as! Do they lay pretty eggs too? I hope so :)

  2. They're adorable! I wonder what you will name them? We have had silkies in the past, they have funny personalities. I look forward to reading about their capers.
    Have a great week! X

  3. They are so sweet. What a lovely adventure raising chickens. I look forward to your adventures.

  4. Oh they're gorgeous Deb! They look so soft! A-M xx

  5. They are darling...I never thought I could cuddle with a bird but these are just so cute! :)



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