Friday, March 30, 2012

My creative space crochet

Hi there, it's been a busy week hasn't it.
We had school sports on Wednesday.
I love it, I am one of "those Mums" who go every year.
Wear the colours of my children's teams.
Take a thermos and sunscreen and jelly babies for the kids to share at lunch.
I tell you, I was so proud my heart nearly burst.
They put in such a good effort and more importantly,
were very good sports.

At night, now it is getting cooler,
I have been enjoying snuggling the couch and doing a bit of crochet.

I am making a cushion cover.
Inspired by the wonderful Lucy from
And some other cushions I have seen on my web wanders.

Seeing the little piles of squares grow is extremely satisfying.

It's nearly finished.
I thought I would be done by now.
Unfortunately there hasn't been enough couch time this week.

I do find peppermint tea and dark chocolate are essential partners to crochet.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Did you accidently take "the poo chair"?? I did! LOL!

    PS> you're one clever girl there!

  2. Gosh those squares remind me of my late grandmother. She taught me how to crochet but I can't remember now. I look forward to your end results x

  3. Sports day is one of those lovely yearly events! I have been crocheting some grannies myself. I found Attic24 via a google search for a beginners granny square pattern and I have been hooked ever since! I used the flower pattern of hers to make a crochet flower garland too! Your colours look fantastic together, looking forward to seeing them finished! Happy weekend! X

  4. Can't wait to see the end result Deb. I love crochet, my mum used to do it all the time when I was a kid and my sister too but I've never been able to get the knack of it maybe I'll look at attic 24. It's going to be a gorgeous cushion with those colours.


  5. Little crochet squares are something I used to take great delight in making once upon a time. I could crochet like mad but thoroughly hopeless at knitting.

  6. I'm going to search for my long forgotten crochet hook after seeing this. I bought a lovely crochet brooch in a market once that is identical to these squares and it's often commented on. I might even get inspired to make a few for the school fete. I wonder if I'll's been many years. Google here I come!

  7. Ohhh gorgeous little squares ! cant wait to see the finished product :))


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