Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rain on Mount Arapiles & a very slippery road.

One of the bonus's of my job is getting out and about. Some of the drives I do are very boring. Just driving past boring crops on flat flat paddocks.
But, one of the runs I make is gorgeous. I get to drive past Mt Arapiles. Mt Arapiles rises from flat farming  land and is known as a world class rock climbing destination.
In summer the canola crops around the base of the mountain are spectacular when in flower.

Last weekend on the way out to footy, Miss B snapped this picture of the Mount.
We think it looks like our own Uluru (Ayers Rock).

Many people from all over the world come to climb at Mt Arapiles. Many of them either camp at the base of the mountain or inhabit the small town of Natimuk about 10kms away. Locals affectionately call these climbers, "mountain goats". They add a scruffy, arty component to an otherwise conservative farming community.

Normally you can see the Mt clearly but today was so wet and cold, the cloud hung around all day.

It was a bit exciting to have a different view.

Last night and today we had 30mm of rain.

This is a lot for our parched clay soils.

Most of the gateways into paddocks and driveways were awash.
I was so glad I was not making a visit to a farm today.

I did have a sh#$@ moment today.

I had a huge truck on my tail pushing me beyond my comfort zone on a very water logged road.
So I turned off the highway onto a wayside stop to let the truck go by.
As soon as I turned I realised this might have not been such a good idea.

I slipped and skidded my way along, pausing of course to take a photo.
It was the longest wayside stop I have ever seen.

Anyway, I made it out safely.
When I passed the Mount on my way home it was still shrouded in cloud.

If it is cold in your part of the world, 
you might like to click here and find some amazing ways to tie your winter scarf.


  1. It does look a bit like Uluru. Or like the Nut in Stanley, Tassie. Looks very wet and broody today. Brisbane was covered in a dense fog and freezing cold this morning. Winter is well and truly upon us.

    1. Wet and broody is a perfect description. I wish I had thought of that! I never imagine Brisbane as cold or foggy. I guess it would be good sometimes to wear wintery clothing for a change.

  2. Yes, it does look like Uluru - very interesting. I was wondering what you were up to when I saw your pics on IG. I hate it when truck drivers put the pressure on you. It's very naughty of them!

    1. Yes, our own little big of outback.

  3. I just loved reading this post, and the photographs are awesome. I love the fact that sitting here in my studio with the ac on warm, I feel chilly looking at the pictures. Those trucks can be very scary, last time I drove up to the shack I accidently got between two of them and they were relentless, I missed my turn off, 45 mins later I was aback on the freeway.

  4. They can be very scary can't they.

  5. How beautiful! it just pops up in the middle of all that flat land. It looks like the prairies where I grew up (without the Mount of course!)

    When the big trucks ride my bumper I edge slightly to the shoulder of the road and slow down, if they don't pass me then I really slow down. My truck driver friend told me they do that so that you will speed up and get the speeding ticket instead of them.

    1. I usually do that too, but the sides of the road were really muddy and I was scared I would get bogged. It is amazing how the Mount does just appear out of nowhere.

  6. It's been a lovely damp few days, glad you made it home safe and sound :)


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