Friday, September 21, 2012

Little bit excited, etsy love

There has been a little bit of excitement here this week.

Mr M was checking his stats of his new Moerkey Etsy shop when he noticed a tremendous surge in traffic. Like from 400 visits to over 8000 in a day.

Lucky him, he had been listed at the top on an Etsy newsletter. Apparently this is big! He was thrilled.

It has resulted in quite a few sales and all of a sudden he needed to come up with a packaging strategy and a bit of branding.

It is still all a work in progress but thrilling to see him having some success. 

Lovely Janette from My Sweet Prints and Jules from the Diversion Project quickly let us know what was going on and Janette even emailed through the newsletter.  Mr M was thrilled by your their kindness.

Now the giveaway is still open so pop over here and leave a comment please.

Happy Weekend.

PS if you are looking for me, I will be lazing around in my pjs enjoying the start of the school holidays and the first weekend of
 no football. 


  1. Love it. Congrats Mr Moerkey. The product is so unique, it deserves a spot in the newsletter.

    I'm with you on the PJ's thing. I've just got to pick my daughter up from dancing, then swing via the tennis courts for my boy, then it's home to Pj's, champagne, and a little instagram catch up.

    Kylie x

  2. My pleasure re the email!
    It's so exciting to get your first sales and think ok I've got to really get this thing going now! (nearly 3yrs ago for me but I can remember the excitement like it was yesterday).
    I'm sure this is the first of much more terrific exposure for Mr M.
    Have a great relaxing weekend Deb and thanks again for your email ;)

  3. Wow, well done to the Mister, they are fabulous pieces!

  4. That is just feckn fabulous Mr M!!!
    Congratulations, well deserved
    And a big High5 to your PJ clad IT assistant!

  5. What fantastic exposure for Mr M! Money couldn't buy it, but it is really very deserved. Very very exciting!
    Jane and I went to an Etsy get together last night which was really nice and the girls gave us lots of advice. I didn't take notes but Jane did so I see an informative post brewing on her blog :)

  6. So exciting!!! Congrats to you both - you should be very proud of yourselves!!

  7. Just fabulous, Deb. Well done to the Mister. And yes, cheeky Sarah, you could well be right! J x

  8. This is such exciting news Deb!! I think Mr M's creations are so very clever and all the attention on his new Etsy store is well deserved. Hope lots of sales come your way!! x


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