Monday, September 17, 2012

Yay, the chooks have started laying.

Great eggcitement this weekend!!!!

The girls have laid!
Yes, our lovely Isa browns have earnt their keep and produced their first eggs.

their first eggs are a bit smaller than usual but not as small as the silkie egg on top.

They are also a pretty speckled colour at the moment.
All those scraps, the loving comments and garden rambles have paid off at last.

It really is a great system.
We give them our scraps and a bit of chook grain, in return they produce lots of lovely chook manurey hay and gorgeous eggs.

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  1. Yay! Many pavalovas to be made
    Pen x

  2. What fun to have fresh eggs. I used to collect eggs as a child on a farm and loved it. Something so satisfying about it.

    1. I have to stop myself collecting them and let the kids do it. It is so satisfying.

  3. Beautiful eggs..and loving that key bowl too!

  4. We are still eagerly awaiting our first eggs..... I'm sure it will be an exciting day for us too. Enjoy!

  5. Fiona has serious egg envy! So do I, but I don't have any chooks.

  6. What beautoful big eggs! So nice and clean too. My dad has chooks and passes them on to me which is good, though I'm not even sure what breed they are.


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