Friday, October 26, 2012

A wee step back in time.

Yesterday I was out and about in the wilds of the Wimmera when nature called.

So I popped in here.....

My usual loo spot was a no go zone with masses of workmen paving new paths. 

It was like stepping back in time.

To a very nice time, I must add.

It was as clean as a whistle, and neat as a pin.
There were lace cloths, faux flowers and neatly written instructions.

Who knew this type of place still existed?

I could imagine ladies coming to town for the day, popping in for a chat and a rest, Mothers feeding babies. I bet some tales have been told within these walls.

Check out the colours of the furniture.

The loos were clean.

And, came complete with a view.

It makes me feel happy that places like this still exist.


  1. Pure gold! It's fantastic that places like this still exist, are respected and cared for and not abused. What a haven - long may it remain.

  2. I'm old enough to remember being taken to places like this. And yes, there was always a picture of the queen, (usually that picture which I think must have been government issue), hanging above the fire place.

    So glad it still exists. I wonder if there are any others?

    Thank you for posting the pictures.

  3. Oh how gorgeous and so lucky no one has vandalised the rooms. I could quite happily go back to that era, so civilised! x

  4. It is a rare thing indeed when 'pushers' are for hire! I love the retro decor and the obvious care and attention to detail..and the comfort. Funny though that the loos themselves are so basic with their concrete floor and no nonsense lack of comfort!

  5. What a great find, everything just looks so neat and tidy and the view from the loo is just lovely. xx

  6. wow. How perfect. But what is a Pusher?

    1. A pusher is a pram or stroller.

    2. Here a pushers is a drug dealer.......

  7. Oh my goodness this is soooo cute! Amazed that there is still somewhere like this. xx

  8. How cute! A real step back in time - what a find :)


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