Monday, March 22, 2010

Exhibition success.

Well done Mr M. Your photo exhibition looks fantastic. A great recognition of your hard work.

I love your groupings, they look great on the painted wall. Spookily a similar colour to the outside of our house, which I of course love.
Who would have thought fairy grass could look so lovely and fluffy!

Each one was painstakingly applied to the sloping, curving, slighlty twisting wall.
One day when I can master it, I will try and make a slide show of some of the images.

These images and drawings are from the More Crop Weeds book.

Watch this space for more of the seed photos taken under the microscope. I find them fascinating and very aesthetically pleasing. I have plans that involve frames and white paint!

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  1. Oh yes please to the slide show. Oh how my boys would love to see them too. Isn't nature just wonderous...'be still heart' that image of the fairy grass too! A-M xx


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