Sunday, April 18, 2010

Farewell floral - part one.

When we moved into this house some 17 cough, cough years ago. It had been owned by one family since it was built in the 1930's.

They had made a few changes, by updating the bathroom ie painting the walls cream to coordinate with the apple green bath and pedestal, putting a fridge in the passage wall. Yes in the passage wall. So the front faced the kitchen and the back cunningly disquised as a bookshelf was in the lounge.

There was also a stunning kitchen makeover in apricot and featured ship tiles. Yes I said ship, not a spelling error! But, there were lots of lovely period details that we liked. Timber pannelling in the dining room, fretwork in the passage, picture rails and a lovely servery from the kitchen to the dining.

The house also had floral axminster carpet. Despite not having any pile left, and being very ahem floral, this carpet served us very well. 3 babies were toilet trained without any evidence left behind, one fluffy puppy ditto. Parties, red wine, tea coffee, were never a drama at our house.

Late last year when the carpet resembled hessian, we said farewell and replaced her with a neutral browny, self patterned wool carpet. As much as we loved the old girl, the new spongy boy looks clean, uncluttered and is oh so soft underfoot.

We think that the ghost of Mrs W. the previous owner, who often lurks, very kindly and lovingly in the kitchen and hallway, approves the changes.

This really doesn't do it justice, but you do get the general idea.
The Moerks


  1. Oh dear, I am glad the floral has gone LOL. Much better.

    Hope you are having a great weekend xx

  2. My parents-in-law have the exact floral carpet in their home...I'm not a fan. I think your new carpet is a better contemporary look.

  3. My parents had this carpet, grey back ground, in a large rug. They gave it too me when I moved into my 1930's council house 25 years ago. I had it down on the floorboards in the kitchen, sadly even back then it had seen better days, but lasted me quite a few years. I wish I still had it, as this is exactly what I'm looking for now to put in my bedroom. By the way, my stair carpet, also given to me by my parents when they moved into a bungalow, is also an Axminster, and is now approximately 50 years old, and still going strong. Well worth their money.


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