Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Wednesday - A touch of light reading.

White Wednesday.......

If I had the time to colour code my bookshelves, they could look like this. As for the white bed cover and white canvas.....consider it done!

Image - mine

I fear I will never win the battle to paint the woodwork or walls white, so white accessories it has to be.
Never mind, I have a cunning plan....shhh don't tell Mr M.
The Moerks


  1. Sounds like me. I just painted my bed white one day and he had no say hahaha!! THEN about 2 years later I wanted it black so I did that too. He will complain, but then he knows I make things look shit hot, so he is happy in the end. Good luck xx

  2. I am about to embark on the painting the woodwork white dance...oh groan...but it must be done!

  3. I love your white cover and your white canvas, very nice! I agree a colour coded bookshelf would be lovely but down on the list of priorities! I did try once while I was watching BHG, I was inspired, but it didn't last long! xx

  4. what is it with men not wanting to paint over timber to them its like a cardinal sin !! we have a t.v cabinet that I'm forbidden from painting and oh how it pains me :) but having said that I think your bedroom looks classic and gorgeous!

  5. I too have a man who almost has a heart attack when I say that I'm planning to paint over timber. I think one day I might just do it anyway...can't understand why they are attached to timber???? Must be a masculine thing...Love your bedroom...great accessories.. Kym X

  6. Yes, never tell the Mr. They don't understand.... but love it after the fact. A-M xx

  7. yeah i agree with A-M! And then they usually claim it as their own idea!!

  8. Thanks Ladies, I will keep working on it.

  9. Loving your blog (just found you).
    Im with you on all of the above and have won only one battle with wood so far. I plan on starting on the insides of cabinets first to freshen them up and hopefully talk my man around to the outsides after that!
    Oh! I colour coded my books once, although not in white.
    Here if you want to see (I dont know if it the done thing to put links in here, sorry. But I dont know how to use the other 'links to this post thingy')


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