Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell floral - part two. The Couch.

If having floral axminster carpet wasn't enough, our over the road neighbours had to have a garage sale not long after we moved into this house many years ago. Being good neighbours we trotted over the road and came home with a huge deco floral club lounge suite. In their house it looked great. Their house was similiar to ours, had lots on antiques and was the height of fashion in the early 90's.
As soon as we got in our front door we realised the folly of our purchase, a floral couch on floral carpet arrgh. Undeterred we bought a plain square of carpet and blended the whole thing together. This worked very well for many years. It is amazing what a pattern will hide. Lots of our friends had the same pattern, these couches seem to live forever.

As you can see it has "had it". We debated slipcovering, recovering etc. In the end we just decided it had to go. So it's gone and now we have moved a couch from the family room to the Lounge (these pictures were taken in the dining room).
For now I have put it in the too hard basket and will make do with the bean bags for the kids in the family room and buy a new one after the "big trip".

Here is some ideas of what I am looking for.

Images - Pottery Barn

Something light, classic and neutral so I can change the cushions at a whim. The only debate is that we are rather fond of a cuppa and some choccy at night when the kids are tucked up in bed. It will need to be washable as my hand eye coordination isn't always that brilliant when chocolate is involved.

It's Friday again so
Have a good weekend.
The Moerks


  1. I find couch shopping quite stressful so I keep putting it off... we have a terrible old one that has lost all its feathers... in fact I have vacuumed them all up, one by one over 5 years! Waiting for the youngest to grow up a little more and waiting for some more money as usual too! But I like your ideas - might save them for us... A x

  2. Your new couch ventures look lovely. It will be hard to choose. We too have an old sofa bed couch that will be replaced "one day" :)

  3. We had the white slipcovered Ektorp sofas and I loved them!!! Really easy to throw in the wash with a little bleach and really comfy too:) Hmm my hubby took advantage of my mushy post baby brain and talked me into changing to dark brown leather sofas... biggest mistake of my life!! Now we live too far away from Ikea to get new ones:( I would recommend them though:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  4. Love the neutral colour idea , is the best way to change your look seasonly
    without to much expense, and you will love the change after having the floral lounge . We went nuetral a few years ago after having a large corner lounge with a mexican print ! Just make sure they are roomy enough for your family & visitors ! Learnt that the hard way from experience.
    Karyn x

  5. Yes my Mum had one of those huge floral lounges. I love your new choices - good one!

  6. I can absolutely relate although my uglys are country check. When you find some lovely neutrals let me the pics and I think I will need to investigate Tina's Ektorp sofa idea. Hmmmmm and washable covers will be a must as I share your nightly chocy and cuppa ritual:) Have a great weekend Kym X

  7. Ha ha, you sound like me and hubby after the kids are asleep. Good win last night by the way! We've bought all our sofas from Freedom and they've been great. I have washable slipcovers on ALL of them! Rxx


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