Sunday, May 2, 2010

Narrapumelap Homestead - A French Gothic Mansion in Victoria.

Last year we visited the Narrapumelap Homestead in Western Victoria with some friends. It was built in 1873 by successful pastorialist and philanthropist John Dixon Wyselaskie. It was excellent camera fodder. The gardens were lovely and green and the inside has been undergoing extensive rennovation for a few years now.
Look at that roofline!

Lot's of manicured hedging.

Slightly staged!

I think the little Moerks had fun!

For more lovely photos of Narrapumelap Homestead, go to their website here.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of the fabulous kitchen with its impressive skylight and lovely leadlight windows.

The Moerks



  1. It's beautiful, I just love manicured gardens and historical architecture..Rxx

  2. Oh my, the exterior of that house and the gardens look beautiful!! Thanks for the link to their website, I know what I will be spending my study break doing this afternoon! Gorgeous children too may I say:) Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday ~ Tina x

  3. Lovely , those manicured hedges are amazing. They must be trimmed daily ? I will check out their website later.
    Karyn x

  4. It's beautiful! Like stepping into the book 'Secret Garden'. Your little munchkins look so cute with their heads poking out of the garden. Have a great day, Jxx

  5. Beautiful, think I will have to go and visit. The gardens are know I'm a sucker for clipped hedges. Can't wait for your next post. Take care Kym X

  6. Wow. Who'da thought, way out west. That name could only be given to an Australian property! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Great pics.

  7. Thats an amazing place, look forward to seeing the next pictures


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