Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ta da.... new desk chair.

Remember, the putting the new desk together debarcle?

Remember, I may have mentioned needing  wanting a new desk chair?


Well, Mr M cobbled one together using some old chair parts and making some parts himself. I cobbled together a seat using the same material as the pinboard and ta da....... a new chair, very comfy that blends with the chair and the pinboard. (note to self, do not eat chocolate on pale seat).



I am loving the new chair and decided it needed it's own little photo shoot.

So did my neighbours cat Blossom.

She thought she would just take over the whole show!

Move over Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there's a new puss in blogtown!
Dear Buffy belongs to The Tranquil Townhouse, you can see more of her here.

The Moerks


  1. Congratulations what a fab job you and hubby have done with the looks just beautiful...and maybe Blossom will take care of it while you are away??? have a lovely Sunday ..Kym X

  2. It looks FANTASTIC! I love the way the pin board matches the chair. And Blossom is very cute, good to see she's got an eye for good taste :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. Great chair. I love the fabric and the shape of the legs. Well done to you both! xx

  4. Love your chair! What a fabulous makeover!! You made me laugh about Buffy. I can see a catfight in Blogtown in the near future;) Love it!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and hope that you win the tussle with the burlap!! ~ Tina xx

  5. Love it , Love it , Love it ! Love the chair isnt it amazing what a difference a little paint & fabric can make , Love the chairs photo shoot (is that Julies cookbook I see there) Love cats with attitude ! My favourite post of the week.
    Karyn x
    Pssst dont forget to update your desk picture in the sidebar

  6. I am loving that chair to bits, even with Blossom on it, who I would have to say looks every bit as sassy as the Vampire Slayer! Although a whole lot more energetic! Thanks so much for the mention of Buffy's (I mean my) blog!! Can I trade you Buffy for that chair, she'd be no trouble I promise :)

  7. Beautiful chair and a great photo it!!!

  8. Oh that is a pretty chair. When I saw your title, I thought you were putting together an Ikea chair or something.

  9. Theres something to be said about having to be thrifty and inventive when it comes to furniture.
    I have so many things that need painting. Ill probably do them ALL on the same day in a mad rush before my inlaws visit from overseas or something! Not like your much more pragmatic approach. If only *sighs....

  10. fantastic chair - those legs are very sexy!! julesx

  11. I love the chair...beautiful lines!! And you did such a wonderful the fabric too. -shaunna :)


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