Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few loose ends.

Blogging time on this computer is fast running out (until I am limited to a little netbook). So, just a couple of things I wanted to share.

Firstly, lovely Tina from Rubie's Place shared with me a pattern for crocheting these baskets from string. I was pretty happy with them aside from the string nearly shredding my fingers. Of course the old 'rule of 3's" means I will make another smaller one at some point.

The other thing was that I happened to mention to Mr M the other day that I didn't think I could cope in the camper trailer for 3 months with the two beds next to each other with doona covers that don't match! Imagine exaggerated eye roll...................... Well, a girl has to have some standards!

Mr M. thinks there is nothing wrong with the navy Laura Ashley doona circa 1985 or the non coordinating green Sheridan of definite early 90's feel. But wait til you see the sheets.


Yep, pretty horrendous to one who really only likes crisp white hotel quality cotton!
However, I do concede that for camping, they are very practical and will not show every little mark. 

So I trotted off to Spotlight (Sorry Tina I know yours is a long drive away) and found these babies for 10 bucks each.

All modeled with what I call Tina's baskets.

The added bonus, they are reversible so I can even have a different look if I like.

They kind of all blend together.

So, all in all. I'm happier, I have matching, Mr M. is happy because it only cost $20 bucks and he won't have to hear me banging on about the old doonas. 
Win, win.

The sun is shining today so hopefully we will open the camper later and I can make up the beds. 
Then I can post a photo to show you how cosy cramped we will be.

Hope the sun is shining where you are too!

PS. basket pattern from the Patterns and Tutorials section  here.

The Moerks


  1. Love the baskets, I may just give them a try. I think they covers are lovely and for $20 worth every penny. Home away from home.

  2. Deb, your baskets turned out FABULOUSLY!!!! I love them, especially with the roll-down top, I will have to do that when I make my bathroom ones. Thank you so very much for your kind mention and I love your new bedding (green with envy that you could just duck down to Spotlight...*sigh*). Enjoy that sunshine, your new bedding and those gorgeous baskets:) ~ Tina xx

  3. OK, I may just have to switch from the granny squares I'm working on at the moment to make some of those baskets! They look seriously good. Thank you Deb, thank you Tina! And I'm so glad that Mr M is a man who knows when not to argue...good score and how much better will it be to lie on the lovely blue and look through the camper windows at all those glorious blue skies you will be encountering. Can't wait for a look at the soon-to-be home away from home!

  4. The baskets are fabulous.. beyond me I fear. I get that eye roll A LOT. Glad you just pushed on through the indifference and got a bargain to boot. A good week for all! A x

  5. I LOVE your new doonas - they are really lovly and I can't believe how cheap they were!!! Your baskets look great. Enjoy your weekend x

  6. Love the baskets Deb! I have visions of you crocheting your way around Australia, like the pioneer women who used to sew patchworks from the back of their trail wagons!
    You were definitely right to insist on the bed sheets, a girl can only put up with so much!


  7. The doonas were a good choice and I agree that reversable designs are a big bonus - 2 for teh price of 1!! I'd have been a bit pestered by mismatched doonas as well :)
    You did a great job with the baskets!

  8. The baskets are wonderful, well done! Glad you got the linen sorted, I'd be exactly the same..Rachaelxx

  9. Great crocheting. Those doona covers are a good compromise too. When we go camping I'm just grateful that the bedding is dirt/sand free for the first night.

  10. Great baskets, I will give it a go (thanks also Tina)! Love the new linen for the chez camper! You will now sleep so much better. Enjoy!

  11. Oh! I love those baskets! Shame about the fingers. And I am the same with matching linen. I like things to feel 'right' even when camping


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