Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glen Helen Resort, the long way around!

Due to the torrential rains we were unable to take the short cut, 250 kms of dirt road from Kings Canyon to Glen Helen.
Our campsite the first night.

During the late afternoon we watched four wheel drive rigs rolling into camp absolutely covered in red mud.  After chatting to a few whose general advice was "Don't do it Mate" we decided to take the main road, all 600kms of it rather than risk sliding off the road.

Around we went and happy we were too!  We caught up with some friends and camped right under the magnificent Glen Helen Gorge at the Homestead in the West McDonnell Ranges.

"Cheers, to good friends, good camping and the magnificant Glen Helen Gorge"

This is Serpentine Gorge, Oh boy what a climb. Well done Miss B you brave girl!
Another of Glen Helen

Ormiston Gorge

The Ochre pits

Aren't the colours magic!

Ellery Creek Big Hole.

Miss B's highlight. Wild horses.

The Moerks


  1. Hi Deb. Sorry, I have just caught up on your last few posts! Love the big 'bum crack'...what a hoot:) Even with all that driving, it is obvious that you are all having a fabulous time:) How wonderful to meet up with your friends. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Can't wait for the next post:) ~ Tina xx

  2. I am thinking now that if there's champers involved in this camping caper then maybe it's something I could do?!!!!
    Still, without a flushing loo I'm just not sure!
    Great pics!

  3. oh, the ochre...makes me want to get my paint brushes out immediately. Hope you get some nicer weather soon :)

  4. Oh Australia is soooo beautiful and you are capturing it in your photos, you really are. I've got goosebumps.. it's all so exciting! A-M xx


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