Friday, July 16, 2010

The Olgas or Kata Tjuta.

I must confesss we didn't leave anough time for Uluru and the Olgas so by the time we got to the Olgas we were very cold and tired.  We had to work hard to convince Master B to hop out of the car and have a look around.

We also didn't realise how far the Olgas were from Uluru. It didnt look very far but there was a lot of winding roads to travel.

Here are a few snaps.

Master B calls this the "big bottom crack"

"Chilling out"

The Olgas were made up of a different composition to Uluru. They seemed to be clumps of small rocks joined together. (Can you tell I am not a Geologist?)

More rocks!

This looks more like the postcard sort of view!

We enjoyed our walk around but really wish we had had more time.
No sunset or sunrise photos for us.
We will just have to visit again sometime.

The Moerks


  1. What a fascinating place. I like the big bum crack! What a classic!

  2. Yes, we thought so too! Ps still having email sending issues.

  3. Oh - you are on your way! I've been out of blog action for while and am thrilled to read your journey has begun.


  4. Lovely place! And I am so enjoying all your photos!

  5. The Olgas are lovely..I didn't have much time there either. Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  6. What interesting foramtions. I have not seen any like that.


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