Monday, August 9, 2010

Care to come on a little Rainforest Walk?

Near Wangi Falls in Litchfield we took a little rainforest walk. It was very humid under the tree canopy and blisteringly hot in the sun.
Ew, bats!

And huge Northern Golden Orb spiders!

Some spectacular fungi.

And "oh so pretty" dragon flies.

Big boy and I started to look at all the different patterns on the tree trunks.

Mini camo.


Bigger stripes, kind of like bamboo.

Spotty, we were speculating if the spots were actually created by bat poo!

Pretty paperbark.

It was a lovely walk. Well worth the effort.

The Moerks


  1. There are so many beautiful natural sights aren't there..except perhaps for the bats and spiders! Love the fungi.

  2. Wow, everything up north is bigger. I hope Mr M was very careful with that spider - the thought of it makes me cringe! Do you mind if I use some of those beautiful fungi photos in class? I will credit you for the great photography! Lovely to speak with you last night. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  3. Looks like you guys are having a ball. I won't be showing my hubby your blog any time soon - he'd have us packed up and off in a flash! Oh, and love the photos - just gorgeous. K xx

  4. Go for your life A.S. happy to contribute to the development of young minds hee hee.


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