Monday, August 2, 2010

Lovely Litchfield

Well, we just loved Litchfield. It was so pretty, and had lots of safe water to swim in. Everything was so close and the bugs weren't too bad!

Yep, we are now in fair dinkum croc country!!

First stop, Tolmer falls. We couldn't walk in there because a) it's too jolly steep, b) its protected because of a colony of rare ghost bats, c) and orange bellied horseshoe bats.

WARNING - Grandma and Nana look away now.

This is us at the croc infested crossing, see the little sign? Will we?

You bet!

Hold on hope for the best, and see, the other car made it through just fine.

Wangi Falls, a very popular swimming hole.
I wouldn't let anyone swim because they had been closed until this day rumours of a salty were rife. No way were we going in.

Our favourite swimming place in Litchfield, Buley rockhole. Nice and clear, croc free and so much fun.
There was a series of these and so if one was a bit crowded you just moved up or down stream to another one.

How nice is that?
To top it all off we were staying in a huge, powered, grassy campsite with an ensuite and our very own washing machine and sink in the town of Batchelor. Ahh the serenity!!!

The Moerks


  1. What an adventure! It looks amazing. I'm so enjoying reading your posts :)
    Keep wathing out for those 'floating logs' :)

  2. I'm so enjoying your journey - can't believe the crocs - as a Tasmanian I am terrified at the very thought!! The swimming holes do look amazing though. Ann x

  3. I really didn't know that ensuite and camping could be used in the same sentence. If I wasn't impressed before (and of course I was) I seriously would be now. Keep em coming Deb..I'm loving this!

  4. How funny that electricity and a washing machine can be so appreciated. Enjoy it while it lasts! And I agree with everyone, it's great reading about your trip. xx

  5. Buleys is great, like you said, you can just move on and on to the next little waterfall. A very special place..Rachaelxx

  6. Debbie, Is it too awkward to show a map of where you have been/are going for we poor followers in UK? Love, Great Aunt S.

  7. Hi there, yes Great Aunt S. I do have a map and have started to track the trip on it. I will take a photo and post it soon.


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