Sunday, August 1, 2010

Edith Falls

At the other end of Nitmulik National Park, the same park as Katherine Gorge is Edith Falls.
This was a lovely place to stop. The campground was spacious and with individual bays and shared green grass and heaps of shade. There are two places to swim, the lower falls and the upper falls. To get to the upper falls requires a steep climb and a lot of sweat, but it is well worth the effort.

The lower pool.

It is 150 metres to swim across. Well Miss B and Big Boy. Too Scary for me to swim across and there were some very big fish in there. As for crocs, the rangers assured us there were just some freshies, but definitely safe from salties. It's easy to be wise afterwards, we noticed the local indigineous people, didn't swm!

The lovely upper pool.

The kids at the top pool.

Watch out, those rocks are slippery.
Dancing queen.


Next stop, Litchfield National Park.

The Moerks


  1. Oh I've been to Litchfield, when my friend was working at Boraloola up in the NT in the early nineties. Her boyfriend was a pilot so we flew over everything.... it is soooo beautiful up there. Oh have fun.. you are having such a wonderful adventure! A-M xx

  2. Well worth the effort to get to the top pool - it's stunning! Looks like you are all having a great time!

  3. Hi folks, this looks as good as it can get! Love the scenery and the place sounds awesome. The temp here is 7.3 (3pm) so that thought should make your trip even more enjoyable. Snow expected in the Grampians today. Mini tornados in Penola and Beaufort yesterday. Nice to see the USA & UK comments. Love you to the moon and back.

  4. Your pics are fabulous Deb! So wonderful to hear you are all having such a great time! Looking forward to catching up on your last few posts:) Wishing the whole Moerk family a wonderful week! ~ Tina xx

  5. My son has great pictures of swimming here in Edith Falls, one of his best spots from his Australian road trip. Thank you, he really enjoyed seeing these

  6. I am so envious...still! I wouldn't be getting in the water though...park ranger assurances or not! Thanks for taking the time to update up. I'm sure it can't be easy :)

  7. It's sooo beautiful Deb! So glad you're enjoying your trip. Jxx


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