Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge.

Not feeling as if our car had the appropriate height clearance to tackle the Gibb River road, we decided to just take a dirt track that goes from Fitzroy Crossing to Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge and from there to do the last 150kms of the Gibb river road into Derby.

The road from Fitzroy Crossing was a definite challenge, corrugations, water crossings, general bumpiness and dustiness, but great fun.

Tunnel Creek was both awesome, creepy and fun. As the name suggests it is a creek flowing underground through a tunnel. The walk involved wearing protective footwear that could get wet, wading through water up to waist height, all with colonies of bats in places hanging from the ceiling. There were warning signs that fresh water crocs were around but reassurances that they would stay away. Yeah, I wasn't really having fun yet and to top it off, it was pitch black and the whole thing had to be done by torchlight. I am not ashamed to say I was creeped out.

Our next stop was Windjana Gorge.
In contrast to Tunnel Creek, this was open light and airy, and all the crocs were clearly visible.

Windjana Gorge in the evening light.

Early morning, here we go!

Through to this.

1st stop, a look at a fossilized shell.

Plenty of freshwater crocs.

A film was being made for the ABC to screen later this year about Jandamarra, an outlaw aboriginal who hid at Tunnel Creek and was shot at Windjana Gorge.

See ya!
The Moerks


  1. Tunnel Creek does look creepy! I can't help but think what a wonderful education this is for your kids. And us!

  2. Creepy sounds like an understatement! Well done for going through. Love the sunny snaps, its raining again at home. Cheers Mon


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