Saturday, August 28, 2010

UBIRR-Rock art and sunset.

My apologies for lack of posts. We have been out of range for a bit and have some issues with our photos. Plus I must say when it comes to a choice between the computer or the beach, well beach I say!

High up in the Top End of the Northern Territory lies Ubirr, right on the edge of Arnhem Land and Kakadu. Ubirr is host to wonderful galleries of ancient aboriginal rock art. It is also perched high above a plateau of land that floods in the wet season and is home to many kinds of bird and wildlife.

We ventured out later in the heat of the day to see the art while it was light, and to see the sunset. Fortunately the local ranger was there giving talks at the sites and at sunset. It was a fantastic experience.
We took heaps of photos, here are just a few.

Through this intriguing pathway lies some amazing rock art.

The stripes on the rear of this animal suggest it is a thylacene.

Maybe an ibis, brolga or jabiru?

The aboriginal people did not believe in touching up others work. Instead they painted over the top resulting in large galleries of works. Many were overlapping.

A glimpse from up high on to the plateau below.

Mr M. checking out the view.

Sun setting over the rocks.

The Moerks


  1. Another great lot of art works and scenery. Hope the fishing is still good and snorkelling is spectacular. We are visiting Ian from tomorrow for a few days, so can contact us there. Lulu just bathed and all at home OK.
    Love Nan & Pa

  2. Glad you're still on the trek. Thought we'd lost you for a while! We are cold, wet and soggy down here so make the most of your time in the sun. Can't believe you are 3/4 of the way through your trip. We are all looking forward to having you home again for a coffee and catch up. It's not the same without you! Enjoy!

  3. Good to hear from you...was starting to wonder what was happening and glad all is ok. I would love to see those paintings...they look extraordinary.

  4. What an incredible place! The artwork is fascinating!

  5. Wowee. You sure ain't in Kansas anymore!

    Happy travellin' team Moerkabout. xx

  6. Glad you are all well and having the time of your lives! Such amazing places and memories! ;-)

  7. Good to here you are still there thought you must have been out of range. Have had a couple of days without rain and the sun is trying to shine!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Luv The Browns

  8. Aw shucks thanks for the comments guys. It is lovely to hear from you. We only have 4 weeks left. I don't know where the last 8 have gone. We have been having a fab time on the beaches around exmouth cape. Just us the turtles and the occaisional whale and dolphin. We have now moved to coral bay which is divine. So far it is blue sky, sparkling water and white sand.
    Definitely have some coffee catching up to do when we get home.


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